The Liquid Bomb Plot (Crime Bomb Doctors: The Men With Nine 2 days ago   1:11:33

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Liquid Bomb Plot is the incredible true story of the surveillance operation that stopped a fatal disaster and saved thousands of lives.

It’s August 2006. A UK terrorist cell plans to launch suicide bombs that would have resulted in the world’s largest and deadliest attack since 9/11.

The plot involved exploding devices disguised as soft drinks and, if it had succeeded, would have blown planes from the sky killing 2,000 people in a single night. The failed plan has changed the nature of UK air travel to this very day – with restrictions still in place on the amount of liquid passengers can carry.

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What they aren't saying is that in order for the U.S. and British to feel at all comfortable allowing these guys to keep planning is that they must have had every single person any of those guys talked to under electronic surveillance.... and anyone those people talked to and anyone those people talked to. They probably had 50,000 people under a digital microscope. Which is 100% fine. This is when that is ok.
But, the UK can just keep letting the muslim, cockroach, hoards, invade their country. Stupid is as stupid does.
You have to love our intelligence services, they’re brilliant 👏👏👏👏
Yasin Karatekin
Giving all the details about the bomb,how to make it bla bla... Well done very clever.
Ajay Thakare
Please send in Hindi
Sammy Shackleton
Should have deported their entire families, kids and all, back to their country of origin after their conviction. Set an example.
Brooke B
the british and terrorist groups work together with that man because he wanted to see the crime happen to america because clearly british are clearly idiots, and hate america.
Cauya Wolfe
Anarchy of the white UK.
Cauya Wolfe
It is easy to sneak something you n a plane. Metal detectors detect metal not liquid. Just put the bomb under your shirt and hope the dogs don't sniff you out. This would only be ideal with a Molotov cocktail since they have no metal and are concealable.
lost quantity
34:38 Micheal Jackson?WOW.Who would have thought.....
Charlie K
Musulmans cannot even successfully hide in a musulman country if we really want him dead; great news!
should have aroused suspicion the moment they chose summer fruits flavour

also, hang them
jerry s
It really bugs me that they keep referring to 911 like it was really terrorists that pulled of 911. Certainly anyone in MI5 knows that the US government perpetrated 911 for too many reasons to go into here.
The Mysterysuk
Maybe, if the Americans had as much faith in the British as they had in their Pakistani" Allies", they would have their main man in custody giving them information instead of missing "presumed"dead.
Mark Pope
Interesting. Are There any American produced videos that make the British look bad where the comments from British are all anti-British?
Mark Pope
This video is such a cliche with all the whip pans, over dramatized music, etc. I think the reality is dramatic enough without all the cliches
William Carrigan
No sound
LL Guerra
With Charlie Allen's interview, 30:18, did anyone else pick up the interference of a female telling him what to say? Wow! That was weird....
Ragabuf Ragsome
the american wanted the English Muslims to get away see the snide on his face that could of done more harm than any thing we english know when to act when the evidance is at the peak then it will go down then the Pakistani wouldn't of got away he were ours to punish
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Bomb Doctors: The Men With Nine The Liquid Bomb Plot (Crime 2 days ago   49:55

Imagine the long lonely walk towards a suspect device...

The film-makers behind this gripping documentary were granted unprecedented access to the British Army’s Bomb Disposal Course, the most demanding training available. It has to be. This knowledge can be the difference between life and death. Focusing on Northern Ireland, The Men With Nine Lives gives the inside story on the personalities and technologies involved – a cat and mouse game of psychological one-upmanship where the terrorist and disposal expert must continually second-guess the other. Mistakes are nearly always fatal. Using interviews with ex-terrorists and veteran bomb-disposal men, Equinox investigates the history and changing techniques of stopping a bomb going off.

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