Holding The Line For Another DNR Assault: Body collectors of eastern Ukraine 1 day ago   14:05

Watch Part 1: http://bit.ly/1h5LkMI

After seeing the realities of the "ceasefire" in eastern Ukraine from the perspective of so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) separatists, VICE News traveled across the defacto border to visit a number of Ukrainian positions near Donetsk international airport. The site was finally seized by DNR fighters in January after months of heavy fighting.

Along this stretch of the frontline, to the northwest of Donetsk, fighting has been almost continuous throughout two ceasefire agreements, whole villages lie in ruins, and few civilians dare to stay.

With its heavy industry and proximity to other major population centers in the Donetsk region, this area has long been speculated as a possible location for another DNR thrust. Yet so far the Ukrainian soldiers are holding the line.

Watch "The Russians Are Coming: NATO's Frontier” - http://bit.ly/1KAomXF

Watch “Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine” - http://bit.ly/1IiMTwI

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They not ukro soldater they fasists,. live Serbia, Novorusia, Rusia
Team Wabeenology
oh dont worry comrade 10-15metres up u will be fine
Bashir Abdi
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk I heard allaahu Akbar
Нет Имени
It's all a lie. It's all a lie. The Ukrainian military is killing civilians and waging a war against people who disagree with Poroshenko's bloody regime !!!
Ukrainian soldiers openly promote fascism !!! Look at the helmet of this soldier - 11:08, it shows the sign of the 7th volunteer mountain division SS "Prince oigen", and the 32nd SS volunteer Grenadier division "30 Januar" !!!
Abhishek Majumder
As much as knowledge goes Tartars and muslims as well work and support ukranians
Abhishek Majumder
Allahu Akbar !! ?! Why would even Chechens fight for Russians !? Is Muslims being used by Putin or in Russian army as well there are lot of Chechens or Daghistanis or any who knows. !? It's really discouraging if it's true. I have nothing against Chechens or any other Russian Muslims or part of Russian or central Asian ,as Thier cultures and Ethnicity is much bigger than just a religion. Hope Bosnians. Chechens and other white or Russian muslims understands that they were from Europe ,not an Arab religion defies them.
Abhishek Majumder
It's so hard for the both Russians & ukranians to turn at each other and living on Distrust and igniting fires upon years and centuries of mistrust .
Love how the civilian says its calmer but u can still hear some distant shelling. Its a shame they are at a point where thats considered calm
2:33 "It's better, calmer now" 2 seconds later... *BANG BANG BANG BANG*
Mendingo Geral
Long live Donetsk
Mutant Spartacus
Americans have no war, stockpile guns, and rail against their own, democratic government; they disarm Ukraine right when they struggle to find democracy themselves, and don't sell arms when Russia invades them, the most powerful army in the world, who broke a promise against aggression enforced by both sides. Oh, and now they want us to all pretend the "white race" has to look out for each other, now that their farmers and coal miners don't get paid like brain surgeons.
Hypocritical AND stupid, sounds about right for the typical redneck, or his New York neo nazi land speculator counterpart (donny drumpf).
Fiona Alina
The best soldiers are those who actually experience war/fight. Go Ukraine u can do it. Salute from the Philippines.
free man
this war will get even bigger and spread to Europe ,,,the globalists will pay for this,,
Mugen FD2
Хлопці, скільки граматичних помилок на прапорі пс? Як так?
Marco Peterson
Ok John Wayne, you feel like strapping that chin strap?
jose pinho
WHY RUSIA INVADE.............................BARBAROSA
jose pinho
jose pinho
Shayne caesar
3 years later...........?
This media is giving locations to the Russian Forces 😂.That's just dumb
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Body collectors of eastern Ukraine Holding The Line For Another DNR Assault: 1 day ago   04:21

Black Tulip is a Ukrainian organisation that has been working for more than a decade to find and identify bodies of missing soldiers from the First and Second World Wars. Its work is now focused on finding the hundreds of missing Ukrainian servicemen from the current conflict in the east of Ukraine.
With the consent of the authorities in rebel-held territory, the group is able to cross the frontline and travel to sites where it believes soldiers might have gone missing. So far Black Tulip has found and identified 613 bodies of dead soldiers. It says that between 300 and 1,500 are still missing. However Black Tulip says its valuable work, which helps the relatives of the fallen grieve, might have to stop because of a lack of funding. Film produced by Will Vernon and Tom Burridge and shot and edited by Stuart Antrobus.

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