Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit Legendary Sushi Chef Masa 1 day ago   06:32

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We're so happy to bring you a collaboration between Johnny Harris of Vox, and Eater! Borders host Johnny Harris is in Bogotá, Colombia at Paloquemao market trying out a bunch of wild fruit for the first time.

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Johnny Harris
Thanks for watching everyone! Colombia's fruit scene really blew my mind. Tastes and textures and I could have never imagined. I hope you'll check out the rest of the Borders series from Colombia: https://w-vidz.com/videow/DK0HgmmukMO&ydtun=2&byij=FBZ8sCyOr3W5sr6gb7fr8AQILBzP8emEcA&
Mr Galindo
Colombia is the country of the best coffee, the most amazing emeralds, the most beautiful flowers, the most diverse landscapes and of course the one with the biggest variety of fruits, so we are so blessed and fortunate.
Laura Duran
La granadilla es diferente al passion fruit. En Colombia la passion fruit se conoce como maracuyá y el sabor es totalmente diferente al de la granadilla.
La diversidad de frutas es tal que podríamos comer una diferente cada día del año, incluso hay varias que no se ven con frecuencia en los mercados como la chirimoya, la guama, la pomarrosa, el anón, la feijoa, etc
I live in South East Asia and half of these fruits grow here too! I can feel my mouth watering the whole video coz I know they taste mostly sour, especially guanabana/soursop one.
Eduar Esneider
I use to think that all those fruits were easy to get at us markets, I will suffer when I travel to United States, that is what I eat every day.
Rain Penales
1:48 i want my avocado sweet
johnny chang
The Guanabana is the good smelling cousin of the Durian 🤤😉
Alejandra Valle
Make series about El Salvador!
Josh Evans
I went down there about 6 years ago, and have always told my wife that the fruit and the fruit stands were insane! I'm going to have to show her this video!
Hanna Perdomo
Omg thanks for doing this video and showing the biodiversity my country’s got... I hope you enjoyed it! 💖💖

Lulo is to be consumed in beverages just as Jugo de lulo en leche... You’d love it! 💖

And about Pitaya... Oh, that helps you lots for... Eh... Digestión? 😂
David Diaz
Great video! I was waiting the whole time to see if you'd eat Mamoncillo. They are my favorite Colombian fruit. I haven't had one in years though. They do make your mouth feel weird. LOL
Johnny's a peach.
at 5:37 he passed the luffas we use to shower in Colombia now an american found a market for them. while we think they are for the poor and we value plastic over natural and the american guy is making a killing because its bio-renewable https://w-vidz.com/videow/0dfqsy7aFdQ&j=1i
Dave Davidson
Strange how the fruits are similar to and have similar names in tagalog. I know it's the Spanish influence but it still seems strange.
Most of the fruits are tropical fruits. Quite common in South East Asia like Malaysia or Indonesia
Emilio Vernaza
Great video! I am glad you enjoyed all those fruits.
ryou ryou
omg...soooo interesting video! I love fruits!!
Apparently I'm the only one not affected by pitaya (or dragon fruit). I usually eat one or two when I have them and have never experienced these laxative effects that so many people have mentioned here
Pitaya is similar to dragon fruit. Granadilla is similar to passion fruit. Mamoncillo is similar to lychee.
Granadilla is a passiflora (Passiflora ligularis), so same family as passion fruit. That should put the slimey/seedy content into perspective.
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Legendary Sushi Chef Masa Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit 1 day ago   07:01

On today's episode of Prime Time, Ben and Brent are hanging out with legendary sushi master Masa, at his restaurant Tetsu, in Tribeca.

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