The malaria business: Big pharma vs natural Focus: Women made to keep 1 day ago   39:19

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A medicinal plant called Artemisia annua (or sweet wormwood) has been used in China to treat malaria for 2,000 years and is still grown by farmers in Africa. But it's not approved by the World Health Organization and remains banned in a number of countries, including France. Malaria claims almost half a million lives each year and Africa is worst affected. In recent years, the mosquitoes that spread the disease have become increasingly resistant to insecticide.

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Watched this from start to finish.
There are a lot of natural cures for a lot of diseases and human conditions out there. One of the biggest problems is capitalist societies and dishonest pharmaceutical companies that dictate the markets and poor people of the world pay the price with there lives.
As shown in the documentary, pharmaceutical companies are not interested in CURES or PEOPLE only in money and power.
The way I see it they robbed Bill and Melinda Gates foundation when the cure is very simple answer to cures malaria.
Joseph Smith
Why don't France 24 do a documentary about how France killed millions and millions of Native people around the world and looted their wealth???
Jeff Jones
It's not just big pharma, but [other] big criminals who sell fake or diluted anti-malaria drugs, who oppose artemisia annua . This is, of course, almost identical to cannabis prohibition, which I consider the single greatest crime against humanity in history given the number of preventable cancer deaths alone, plus all the other suffering from other conditions that can be treated with cannabis. But profits are more important than people suffering and dying.
Tdufivho Hfjgvihoho
Kudos to the Chinese for discovering Artemesia
Dawid van As
The effects of globalism...greedy Jewish corporations should not be supported!
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Focus: Women made to keep The malaria business: Big pharma vs natural 1 day ago   06:16

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Here in France, there's concern over a creeping gender segregation in certain suburbs. In some cafés, which are frequented only by men, women are simply not welcome. But activists are determined to fight back and make sure everyone can share the public space. This report was recently broadcast by our colleagues at France 2 and has been sparking conversations ever since.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Jessica Sestilli and Elom Marcel Toble.

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