War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense + 18 | Battles for Syria | January 4th - 7th 2018 3 weeks ago   18:40

War Clashes
Label and copyright: War Clashes

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Sanja 1Klas
Fuck Ukrain Facist Nazi pro Zionist scum and fuck Amerika.
The clear victor here is guns and ammunition manufacturers, and Death himself.

Единственный победитель здесь, компаний производств пуль, оружий, и сама Смерть.
Brandon Vogler
9:35 Gotta love the Nazi Azov Battalion, everyone on earth that supports Freedom and especially any people in the USA that support the Constitution should be supporting the DPR and LPR. Not at any time should it be okay for Antifa like rioters to Overthrow a sitting and elected president with funding and Aid from the US Deep State and George Soros. Anyone who supports literal Nazis like Azov Battalion are ignorant or apart of the problem.
Peter Edy Priyanto
God bless Russia God bless donbass
алексей ладейщиков
pytin hyjlo! la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la
Luk Luk
Ciekawe ile im za to płacą
Tupac Amaru Shakur
1:12 that RPK sound, so amazing! Glory to Ukraine!!
Askar Van Der Wal
They are dead by now.
The Game capturers
your leader whit his sniper whore are both dead muthafukers
Уничтожу США
Почему нет видео про то как украинцы бегут с поля боя?
Respect to these guys for standing up to the krems rubbish, kick there azz back to Russia.
Remi BeLo
Can somebody explay to me what (in time 9:36) "zelovka" mean? Is it like green zone? Safety zone?
Supreme Hatred
Glory to the DPR / LPR
So sad..
Silvio silvio
Ukrainian Army assassins of innocents.
Bobo Smrade
Nice vid!
Kill those dpr dogs
The Boss
Why are they killing their own people ?
Stay safe, my friend.
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+ 18 | Battles for Syria | January 4th - 7th 2018 War in Ukraine Real Combat Intense 3 weeks ago   07:10

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