How To Stop Global Warming | Part Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate 1 day ago   17:25

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A comprehensive plan to drawdown our emissions and reverse climate change. Based on Project Drawdown, a groundbreaking book profiling the 80 solutions available to us now to stop climate change and reverse global warming, edited by Paul Hawken.

Video by Bryce Plank
With help from Kiriana Cowansage

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BlackWoManIsGodOf AllRacesOnThePlanet600000Bc
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BlackWoManIsGodOf AllRacesOnThePlanet600000Bc
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Look, I'm not against electric cars, but if you say that electric cars are good for the environment, you also have to mention that it totally depends on where you live and how the electricity you get from the grid is mixed. The environmental impact of driving an electric vehicle in a country whose electricity mix consists mainly of renewable sources (hydropower, wind turbines, etc) is completely different from the environmental impact of driving the same vehicle in a country whose electricity mix consits mainly of coal and natural gas.
Saying "We all just have to switch to e-mobility and everything will be fine" is sweet, but it's unfortunately not accurate.
So, at the very least, switching to a system mostly reliant on e-mobility also has to go hand in hand with an overhaul of the entire energy production system.

Nobody ever tells the truth, though, because it's an uncomfortable one: Everyone living a fairly comfortable life in a developed country will have to change their lifestyle to some degree; some more and some less so. We, collectively, need to see that our comfort isn't important next to the millions of people who will be displaced, descend into poverty, starve etc due to climate change, and adjust our lifestyle accordingly.
The thought that we can just switch to more efficient or less environmentally damaging systems and then carry on like we used to is cute, but wrong. We don't want to hear it, but we have to do both. Yes, we have to switch to better systems, but we also have to reduce driving to the absolute minimum and - yes - ideally stop flying altogether.
The US needs to implement more public transport it’s shocking how many cities are sprawling and have a lot of wasted land due to the fact highways run right through them!!!!!!!
Global warming: *exists*
UK: *Looks at all the options to reduce the country’s carbon footprint*
Also UK: Ban straws
krishna chaitanya
Please,Continue this series.I've been waiting for some weeks now...
Great Chief
Really high quality and succinct information, nice work. I hadn't thought how big of an impact land freight and specifically its aerodynamics had on our carbon foot print. The last message was also really funny and simply 'stop traveling so much'. I'll definitely be reading up on some journal articles and hopefully impress my lecturer. Looking forward to more content cheers.
Lewis Faithfull
Some PLEASE make him stop
Great video but please dont do the lip sync thing again.
why is the beginning so horribly lip synced
c k
See the thing is.... You can't do anything about it. Now let's get on to something you can possibly fix. Your audio sync. Seriously you still have not corrected this? If you want morons to believe your video it would help to appear professional.
Howard s
Why are there no propane/electric or cng/electric hybrids? These fuels emit 25% less co2 than gasoline vehicles and can be refueled much more quickly than purely electric . Also, there are propane and cng refueling stations across North America so the infrastructure is there already. Since no one wants to go nuclear, especially after fukishima, this might be a viable option. Remember, purely electric vehicles greatly reduce co2 impact only if they are charged by renewable energy. We can't get something for nothing so we have to figure out the trade off. Less energy use means living with less light, heat and reducing how far and how much we travel. Hard choices ahead folks. Also, you're not going to be able to convince everyone to see the threat. If this revolution/evolution needs everyone to sign up to work, it will fail. Innovation is needed. Once this starts happening, the masses will follow
Johnny Veritas
Get a vasectomy and reduce the emissions of your descendants to zero.
Olim Nagev
The single most effective thing that every human can do to reduce their carbon footprint is to *stop eating animal products* and go vegan. Watch *Cowspiracy* and educate yourself. Going vegan is not at all as difficult as it may seem. Trust me, I truly was addicted to eating animals products before going vegan four years ago. But once I made the moral choice to not contributing to the suffering of animals and the planet anymore, it was very easy to commit to the vegan lifestyle. I encourage everyone who reads this message to do the Veganuary challenge!
Burnett Family
when you want to get a tesla to save earth but your 10
God of redemption And pleasure
I always thought electric cars were cool looking
Random Rando
This is never going to happen. Just focus on getting to Mars.
Musaddiq Munir Liman
Damn. U guys got your research on point. Surprised u guys haven't surpassed a million. But we together. It will soon happen ....
Its weird how the argument that electrical outlets are rarer than fuel storage tanks buried in the ground is somehow accepted as rational, in regards to access to refueling a vehicle. Totally bizarre how illogical that argument is, electricity can be delivered through a narrow flexible 'pipeline' which are already in place, unlike the bulk petroleum product it is replacing. Gas is heavy, electricity is light, there is no argument about costs or abilities, it's all lies to protect pre existing business. Equivalent of marketing from the gaslamp industry to not trust that new electricity it wont power a street light.
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Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate How To Stop Global Warming | Part 1 day ago   12:48

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