What happens to the Robot Vacuum I Put My Girlfriend's Butt in the Game 😂 1 day ago   17:33

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Michael Johansson
LOL video starts at 13:00
Jeffrey Luce
did anyone else get a bunch of HUMPday commercials
Captain Sassy
Koda is a female dog ????
Ella kozyarsky
When koda heard the beep he got so excited that his leg magically grew back
Super car Bro
I realized the painting to the right at 1:48
emma sølving
My family also had a robot vacuum like that. And a dog like cooper. The robot vacuum lasted a month because it could not take the hair. Then imagine how long it will last with koda
Eilah Epstein
I have one of those and it goes back to it’s charging spot when it’s low on battery
Toi Mckinney
Emilija Ivanova
Kodas leg grow back
Glenn Johnson
You should get a little fance to put around the rocks so the vacuum dose int get stuck
Suzette Altman
Cooper thought it was for him because he needs to

Read more
Angela Brennan
I got a golden ritriver too, and I called him Cooper because you are so inspiring psychology love you
Cian Higgins
Please will u do a red dead redemption 2 campaign video?
bluezion nove
yaaaay its 2019 lol I love your vid im always watching for im ready for school xDDDDDD
Chantel Breedlove
why do you have a hacer lady picher
Jed ward
The vacuum keeps getting snagged on the dogs toilet below the stairs.
wolf 197
Or a*
wolf 197
Can you please look into another dog and can you get a pitbull of a presacanario
Ihaseverything Plays
I was hopin we would catch the mystery pooper
Space Encounters
i was quiet scared when you showed the futege of coop fighting with the robot.
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I Put My Girlfriend's Butt in the Game 😂 What happens to the Robot Vacuum 1 day ago   21:21

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