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Deal or No Deal in Fortnite with real prizes for the contestants. I had high expectations, but this came out way better than I hoped. I'd love to do more of these (we actually did a 2nd game right after this with some tweaks). If you'd like to join us, read this:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and I deeply appreciate all the insane support lately. Thank you!

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Whoa. Had no idea, this was done first by Crainer & Ssundee - vid here: - props to them and my bad for not searching first! I'm still very happy with the format we put together and we'll be doing more, if you wanna join, you can read up here:
Sanders Graf
Who else was bothered by the scars value being in *bold*
Regan Hamilton
I rarely like videos but this was a gd idea and well presented well done swift
Ethan Mason
I would have had the bush, I choose 7 from the start
Jurjen V
Nice vid!
Paper Paper
4:01 ha Xellent
good stuff! no need to put the value on the left though. confuses things
Luke Stauffer
You need a special guest

Enrico Lima
7 is actually my luck and favorite number
Since the start of the vid i believed the bush would be in it
Phantom AA
once they found the bush i was like "eh this video's not important anymore"
I love this game
i new it would be sevan sevan is the most popular number 777 on a hotdog sevan
Jasmine Rose
Swiftor is a dick
James Jangles
Swift or reallly struck
Why does he sound suspiciously like Ryan Reynolds’s
Exotic Fish725
Kons37 Flyingreapper
Default would pick bush
Jazzy Smooth
Hey v-sause here
Christian Chiriano
So cool👍🥳🤩
Zoey Guthrie
7 is my lucky number lol bush
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Fortnite Creative Revolver Roulette NEW! Fortnite Creative Deal 1 day ago   32:59

On the top of this tower players will spin one at a time taking random shots - until only two remain! They start with 200 health and it gets more dangerous the closer into the circle they get! GOOD LUCK PLAYERS! Code: 8885-9648-0845

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