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Mathias Fyferling
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For thousands of years biomass (organic matter) was the primary source of energy. Since the industrial revolution, the combustion of fossil fuels, accounting for 87% of today’s global energy package, has replaced biomass as the primary source. Yet issues surrounding energy and food production and sustainable development engender new perspectives on the production of bio-fuels, especially from by-products of agro-industry and forestry. Biomass, now supporting 10% of world energy consumption, could increase to provide 25% of global energy needs.
This film combines figures, schematics, and interviews with professionals in the field (e.g. economist, farmer, mechanic, researcher, aircraft manufacturer...). The potential for biomass is evident, but its usage must be rational, optimized and adapted to local environments.
A film by Gérard Goma (scientific advisor) and Mathias Fyferling

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Very nice video than you very much !!
Aniket Mistri
Really this video gives knowledge about renewable energy and biomass
Chris Oliver Dela Cruz
How about making Biomass Batteries?
Amazing documentary! I just wish there was more talk about ecology and climax communities with biodiversity in particular.
William Cruz
*This book [link here >>>**** ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system.*
Could we share your video giving proper credit? it is very well done. Regards
Lamby Corn
The way this dude says water and matter is pathetic
Tovi Khyle - BAUTISTA
Thank you YT for recommending something useful. :-D But most of all thank you Matias and your team for making this amazing video, I learnt so much. I will re-watch it again soon. Very informative and in-depth yet objective and non-personal. Not sure about the nuclear mushroom tho. :-P
So in theory, most of carbon that is nowadays in the atmosphere was once deep inside the earth, it will always exist.

Global warming is being caused because we started using resources that don't collect carbon at the same pace that it is released. Question is, can we grab this carbon from the atmosphere and store it back on earth, forest can, but then, where do we store the wood? Generate fossil fuels and store them back on earth maybe? We already released way to much carbon. We gotta pay.
Amber Breuer
David Robertson
Nice vidéo!
Can we stop with the nonsense of nuclear plants going mushroom? Its not possible... worst case is melt down and hydrogen explosions, much like any vehicle that carries a highly flammable gas or liquid like petrol, methane, propane or hydrogen.
Willy Kitheka
Very informative. Thanks
Thank you @Mathias, good video
No biomass. This is causing global famine and hunger! End world hunger by buying things that are not plant made and don't buy ethanol gas! Ethanol reduces gas mileage by 20%
Yeah was great in the English speaking part but I'm not bilingual with French. Please MSG me when you have fixed the problem and I'll watch the rest
Matt Casters
Sorry, bio-mass energy and bio-fuels are a complete dead end. That is essentially because plants convert about 2% of the sunlight into energy. Compare this to a modern solar panel which gets at least 10 times as much efficiency and that is directly usable in the form of electricity, not locked up in complex molecules. Complicating factors are also the enormous amount of water needed to produce bio-fuels, the high cost and complexity of bio-mass anything, using land to produce low efficiency energy instead for food, the disruption of global food markets and so on.
Watch a Tony Seba video on the subject.
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Oslo Waste to Energy Plan Renewable energies: the return of biomass 3 months ago   12:28

Short documentary produced for science program "TM Wissen" for the Austrian channel ServusTV/Red Bull TV.

Directed by Robert W.K. Styblo

*Please note that any commentary with additional information about this short documentary may be missing, since this segment has originally been produced in german.

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