Why This Radical History Of The Haitian THE TITANIC'S ONLY BLACK FAMILY. 1 day ago   03:42

Last month, Verso Books published The Common Wind, a radical work by the historian Julius Scott that shows how enslaved people in the Caribbean in the late 18th and early 19th century were able to communicate with each other, exchanging knowledge that helped them resist, revolt, and even escape.

In academia, The Common Wind is the book of the moment. But Scott actually finished it, as his PhD dissertation, in 1986.

Back then, Dr. Scott was a graduate student at Duke University. The Common Wind was his magnum opus, a subaltern tale that occupied a then-burgeoning space in historical writing – a “history from below” that focuses on the disenfranchised rather than the powerful. Specifically, it details how underground communication networks helped bring about the Haitian Revolution of the 1790s, a rebellion in which enslaved people rose up against the French who had colonized their island as a stop in the Atlantic sugar trade. The revolt was successful, ultimately making Haiti the first country to be founded by formerly enslaved people.

“What I really tried to do was set the broad context for trying to understand that within this world, which was based on the ultimate in human un-freedom, there were a lot of little specks where people tried to establish for themselves a little bit more mobility, and sometimes were able to grasp some freedom.” said Dr. Scott.

When PhD students earn their degree, the next step is often to find a publisher for their dissertation, the book-length culmination of doctoral research. Dr. Scott, however, took a different route. Despite some early publishing offers, he instead devoted his energies to teaching (he now lectures at the University of Michigan) while The Common Wind sat unpublished for decades.

Meanwhile, the work’s legend grew, passed around academic circles and cited hundreds of times. One early reader was historian and professor Marcus Rediker, who recommended the book to Verso Press for publication, and wrote the foreword to the version published in November. “The fugitive existence of this book is, I think, almost uncanny for its resemblance to the fugitive existence of the underground that spread the news of the Haitian Revolution, which the book describes,” said Dr. Rediker.

“I really didn't quite understand for a long time how much my dissertation was having an impact and an influence,” Dr. Scott said. “I saw people would cite it. Books came out where people acknowledged the impact my dissertation had had on the way they thought. It was all kind of a big shock to me.”

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bdotgot beats
why is it radical to want independence free from oppressors?
Cesar Medrano
Shithole country. Blame slavery for your problems. Cuba has a long history of Imperialism and still exports more Doctors per capita than most developed countries.
Hello, Sidney!
Dark Chocolate-Rain
The Revolution makes me proud to be Haitian 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 🇭🇹
What are some other good books on the Haitian revolution?
matthew mann
What did Black Haitians think of Red(American Indian) Haitians generally?
A shithole country that does not know how to govern it self. A inslaved nation that keeps inslaved of their own ignorance based in vodoo. A portrait of black incapability on how to govern it self. There is no black country that is developed and has a strong economy. No racism involved just facts.
William D
Redd's World
something you people wouldn't know anything about.. you sellouts can die off. btw.. I did mean you people
david ochoa
Sad that Haiti is still a third-country
Black Republican
Craphole country
Marco Antônio
1:45 " first country to be founded by formerly slaved people ", actually, the only one
Maybe if they didn't kill all the whites the country would actually be good. Look at it now!
Johsku 92
Funny how even 200 years of Independence won't lead to anything but a totally failed state and a poor country when there's a black majority.
And how's Haiti doing now?
Lafaye Reid
I can answer this and dont even have too watch the video. They dont teach it because ot goes against the narrative that black just stood back and watch themselves be enslaved without a fight. Its the same reason they dont teach the slave rebellions that happened here in America, they dont want blacks or any other minorities getting the idea they shoyld stop pounting guns at each other and focus on the real threat "The ideology of WS and its effect on the government".
flare 156
Unfortunately slavery still exists to this day the idea that a group ended slavery is a misconception they decreased the demand for slavery but so long as a single individual is willing to own another human being it will continue just look at Philippine maids treatment in Kuwait or the international sex slave industry, in order to truly end slavery you have to decimate the demand either through law, education, or enforcement and right now the un is failing at all three
I'm so proud of being Haitian ! My ancestors whooped Napoleon's ass before any of the major European powers. The Haitian Revolution was the 1st time in modern history that an enslaved people defeated their masters in war. Tomorrow is Haitian Independence Day and we celebrate it by eating Soup Joumou which was a soup that the enslaved population were banned from eating by the French, it was like my ancestors first taste of Freedom. Vive Ayiti Chérie !
Faith Rox
Bet they'd love to be back under the French again right now lol.
Fuq u Plz
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THE TITANIC'S ONLY BLACK FAMILY. Why This Radical History Of The Haitian 1 day ago   07:20

Watch a bit of History that is rarely ever talked about.
The only known Ethnic, African American, Haitian, Multi Racial family on the Titanic...and their tragic story in 1912.
A Tribute to Black History Month 2017.

PS. It was brought to my attention by Parti De La Justice-PDJ5
that He was the grandson of Haiti founder- jean Jacques Dessaline. Parti De La Justice-PDJ5 is a descendant.

Check out my response to your comment's video on the Titanic.


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