A dog collapses and faints right in front Sad and lonely abandoned dog was looking for someone 1 day ago   05:00

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This is why we need your help... emergency care is extremely expensive and we just can't do it without you. Just $5 from every viewer will help us save so many more animals: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

For many days we didn't know if Tux will survive... he was neurologically inappropriate and we feared the worse. You just have to watch to believe what happened next.

Thank you so much Foxy and the Hounds for finding TUX such a perfect home!


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man I love the doggos
Samuel Bhaskar
Amen God Bless The Rescuers & The Dog
Murry King
Loreta you are so amazing and the whole crew. You bring happiness to lots people’s’ life. Lucky person who shares his life with you.
What type of dogo is tux? My mom had a dog that looked just like him, I’m just curious 😂. If anyone knows, please tell me cause it’s eating at my brain 😅.
Mimi Jmi
Casey Finnegan
Poor thing. 💕
I have never subscribed and hit the bell so fast in my life.
Elani Aniyvwia
Superheroes!!! You will see paradise!!! Thank you for saving her life!!!
Elani Aniyvwia
I cried when he fainted!!! Thank you for saving this adorable puppy!!!
Benny Hill
What caused the swelling, was he hit by a car or what?
Robin Garrett
You can tell he knows he is loved. That is a miracle worth investing in! (P.s., get your lucky leash. Love ours.)
Lala Jamison
Aww he's taken but I'm happy thank you for saving him
Lala Jamison
How can I adopt this little beautiful angel?
Gisela Lening
Te quedas con los animales
Owl river
So sad but notice me senpai
Lina Sky
Didn't they say he's a she?
Teagan Try Everything
i love what you do
Rebecca Dunn
He is so gorgeous and precious. Thank you so much to everyone who saved him 💖 You are god’s angels 👼
Elisabete Souza
Eu adoro o vídeo de vcs acho tão bonito esse trabalho que vcs fazem salvando eses animais desamparados muito obrigada de coração fica meu respeito e gratidão 😍❤😍
Venus flytraps
Too much dogs and too less demand. Need law against breeding without license!
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Sad and lonely abandoned dog was looking for someone A dog collapses and faints right in front 1 day ago   06:05

Cindy Lou just sat on the sidewalk, kind of hopeless, unsure of her future. Today YOU can help change her future by sharing her story!

When Loreta Frankonyte and I arrived, we knew exactly how to

save her. The plan worked perfectly, and the process was one of the sweetest I ever captured with my camera.

Cindy Lou is now in a foster home and she is looking for her loving forever home.

On Thursday, something AMAZING will happen on our channel, and so today I am going to ask everybody to please subscribe, click on the bell to turn on the notifications, and I promise - with your help we will be able to save so many more lives!!!

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