Getting Stuck on a Ukrainian Battleship: The Day Crimea Rejoined Russia: Russian 1 day ago   11:51

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The blockade by Russia of Ukrainian military installations in Crimea continues. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky spoke with families of personnel barricaded inside, who complained about the difficulty of getting food past the pro-Russian protesters outside. Russia's supporters explained why they want Crimea to separate from Ukraine, and Simon negotiated his way through a Russian checkpoint to interview an officer on the Slavutych, a Ukrainian battleship stuck in the harbor of Sevastopol.

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Have a look at Crimeans who shouted "Russia" 5 years ago. Now they hate that Russia is in charge. It's much worse for them today. There is a defficit of jobs, power outages, corruption and the list goes on.
Adam Armstrong
why are people always fighting ? Who actually benifits from this? rich russians who get more rich? I certainly know the poor soldiers and civilians on either side never benefit from it. How do countries convince their people to sacrafice and die for something that usually will never really benefit them
Tyler Campbell
5:36 I have pure respect for this Viceland Reporter after that conversation he had with the guard.
Night Wolves
Hmm they like Russia
Just Science
Putin diplomacy on the offense
John Doe
Редкое говно эти русские
American exceptionazism
God bless Russia and USSR,they make western nazi slaves mad lol))
yehuda ertel
Someone is making a killing on ski masks
Nicholas Yanez
Damn! I wish america had more reporters like this guy! "Your only document is your gun, you going to shoot me with it or just beat me up!?" then proceeds through
1991 e majku vam jebem... nikad oprostiti
You see how nice and tolerant these Russian soldiers are. If those had been NATO soldiers they would have shot you on the spot for daring to question them
a retarded journalist asked the people to not to block a woman so that she can go inside a military compound. you cant even go inside a military compound in normal situation. modern journalists are hopeless propaganda cunts and you will find many in this channel.
cristopher wong
Putin should habe send in the Slav instead of Cossacks. They be squatting all over Ukraine. Ukraine would have been conqured by Slavs without any resistance.
Maisara Mualil
Good move Russia. If you not do it NATO will take so action. Long live Cramea-Russia....
Andrew Baker
Dude has got some balls
Wesley S
Great job even after 5 years, these Russians need to be stopped. From shooting down public airplanes to killing political enemies of Russia. NATO needs to surround them so Russia can't breathe.
Sun Tzu
That is so beautiful, the Russians soldiers handing he Ukrainians the food.
chunky donkey
That ukrainian solider who asked simon to leave looks really suspicious. Is he really a ukrainian soldier or just a proxy for manipulation to further support russia?
Rodger Draper
Simon's got balls
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The Day Crimea Rejoined Russia: Russian Getting Stuck on a Ukrainian Battleship: 1 day ago   09:43

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The day after Crimea's referendum, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky tried to figure out what country he's in, and what - if anything - has changed.

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