How this drug lord created Sex for sale in Spain | DW Documentary 1 day ago   08:36

It’s a hippo invasion.
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Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled four hippos into his own personal zoo during the 1980’s. But wild hippos are usually only native to Africa and their escape after Escobar’s death has left Colombia with an unexpected problem. Due to reproduction, there are now dozens roaming around one of the country’s rivers.

This episode looks at how the presence of these hippos affects Colombia’s biodiversity and how people became fond of their presence.

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Ricardo Burgos
Eat them !!!!

The Kim In The North
Petter Habtu
if africa can deal with this, why cant colombia?
eno luof lennahc ho sey
Columbians nurture a problem until it starts killing them.
Ben A
Just another white seeking trophy hunting of hippos in clolumbia
sol a
Deport them
Justin Young
All got to do is auction hunting licenses to kill and bag a hippopotamus.
Titanfall Dude
Y'all better capture them
Brenden Chisam
vox is no vice
Send the hippos back to Africa.
Nexosphere Tech
i fully support killing them becasue thats gonna damage the country
The part where he says "they are just living their best lives" really tickled me LOL 😆
Pablo Escobar
Get out of there, that’s my backyard. I know who you are 🎯those hippos 🦛 will last forever.
Woah you mean Disney made hippos look cute unlike their real life selves, thanks vox you really are the smartest channel out there
Mackenzie Fletcher
is nobody else thinking about the fact they're all inbred? That cannot be good for the population
Camilo Quiceno Quintero
Great job!
Ben Quinney
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Sex for sale in Spain | DW Documentary How this drug lord created 1 day ago   28:26

A village in northern Spain has become a hive of prostitution. La Jonquera, close to the French border, has become home to a large number of brothels.

Sex workers also line the streets and locals are worried about both their safety and their reputation. "It is a problem for the whole country," says Sònia Martínez Juli, mayor of La Jonquera: "The first thing people see when they arrive in Spain are prostitutes." The owner of what he says is the biggest sex club in Europe, "Paradise", predictably defends his business. The Spaniard Dani Farled, meanwhile, the son of a sex worker, is more critical of the industry. His mother worked for years as a prostitute in La Jonquera; his father was her pimp. Today, he remains in the milieu, where he works as a tattoo artist. In the film, French sex tourists, who account for ninety percent of the market here, explain their motives and a Romanian street prostitute explains why Spain is an attractive place for her to work. A recent study by the Madrid University Comillas found that Spain was well on its way to becoming Europe’s leading nation when it comes to the sex industry: It already has more prostitutes than any other European nation.

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