ISIS Leaves Behind Children Enemies at the Gates | Global Jihad 2 days ago   06:59

Nine months into the campaign to retake Mosul, Iraqi forces now have ISIS fighters surrounded in the Old City. But the ruthless militants still have women and children to use as human shields, which could make their last stand the most gruesome stage of the battle.

Last December, they used the same brutal tactic 2,000 miles away in the Libyan port city of Sirte -- ISIS’s largest stronghold outside Iraq and Syria.

As VICE News' Seb Walker reports, in those last desperate days the fighters even used members of their own family as collateral.

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Gucci Raccoon
These people are Africans just like how they shit on Blacks in the U.S they shit on Africa spread fear in my people and corruption
Marta Sylwia Wijata
I'm watching this documentary and I'm crying :( I'm mother of three - they aslepp safe and sound in their rooms.They loved and protected,with right to education,health care,food and freedom.. every child deserve that
Why is so unfair..they innocent little souls they should be now in safe homes with living families :(
rare L
this is so fucked up...their just kids
Damn you deep state devils with your fake Arab spring!
Fely Abernethy
The only way to cure this problem is to exterminate all the offspring of the ISIS devils.Not doing so will allow these defectives to restart the horrors of their parents evil ways and cost millions of lives in the future.Muslims never learn anything new, they just repeat the failures of their parents.
J. S.
Kimneo Kipgen
When muslims cry about kids being killed by bombings.. look at these children and blame the parents who bring children into this world just to use them as human shields
Brandon Pogue
So isis is pussys now n losing n half 2 hide behind kids
Jeff Bridges
I would kill every single member of ISIS if i could
Mikael Rivacov
Is this ever gonna stop...
binch tea
i want to give all of them a big hug
Grand Master
Even terrorist were innocent children themselves once and these children will become terrorist again- cycle of Islam.
Yola Peters
Do you know 1 other religion that does this to humanity?
Ivana Quiros
Bless those children! They are the only GOOD that isis left behind. Raise them up right, to love and care for others. Good will always triumph over evil!!
Abhijeet Mane
Test chemical weapons on them
Николай Афанасьев
*Kapitulieren? Nein! God bless Bagdadi!*
Ajmal Khan
May God unleash his wrath on ISIS and the world's governments who are complicit in this atrocity!!
Ajmal Khan
Are there no morals in journalism? The kids are broken yet you push and pester! Leave them be; they've clearly been through enough!!!
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Enemies at the Gates | Global Jihad ISIS Leaves Behind Children 2 days ago   30:32

The Middle East is fracturing. Arab uprisings and military interventions across the region have caused civil wars and spawned terrorist groups. Stuck in the middle of it all is Saudi Arabia. Confronted by extremism on all sides, the desert kingdom is building massive fences at its borders with Iraq and Yemen to keep out terrorist organizations that it may have had a hand in creating. Suroosh Alvi travels to Saudi Arabia to see how America’s staunchest Arab ally is defending itself—and how it may be fanning the flames of global militancy.

Then: in the summer of 2014, a group calling themselves the Islamic State, or ISIS, shocked the world by taking over large territories in Iraq and Syria, and committing headline-grabbing atrocities in the process. In the face of international condemnation, would-be fighters from Western countries flocked to join ISIS in their self-styled utopia. Gianna Toboni travels to Europe to meet some of the young men drawn to ISIS's call, and visits with American Navy strike pilots working to roll back the Islamic State's gains.

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