Ukraine War - Novorossian Rebels In Heavy Syria GoPro Combat From 4 weeks ago   13:56

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Ukraine War - Novorossian Rebels In Heavy Combat Action During Assault On Donetsk Airport | Helmet Cam Firefight Fighting Action. Heavy Clashes Fighting And Firefight Combat Action On The Battlefield In Eastern Ukraine During Novorossian Rebel Assault In The Battle For Donetsk Airport Recorded On Several Helmet Cameras From Donetsk People Republic Fighters.

Since the beginning of the crisis in eastern Ukraine the Donetsk Airport has seen constant heavy fighting clashes and firefights between pro Russian and pro Western forces.

According to Novorossian sources rebels have been sucessfully attempting to push Ukrainian forces from Donetsk airport, their biggest position within firing range of the city.

The airport was under constant havy grad, mortar and artillery fire from booth sides and has seen much destruction due to that cause.

Ukrainian forces claim to still have controll over a large part of the airport wich is demented by pro russian Seperatists who claim to have overtaken the whole Airport and know sucsessfully defending it against ukrainian military counterattacks.

The assault on Donetsk Airport was the first full recorded battle that was taped on helmet cams sinsce the beginning of the conflict. There are more POVs of the fighting in eastern Ukraine but not in that high amount and doucumentation.

Fighting rages on in the area and booth sides claiming to have the upper hand on the battlefield.

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Street Baller
Graphics look amazing 😯
Gangstar #1
I like be how the guy try's to style it out at 2.57. Head in hands from air attack,it finishes,sees camera and he's like " me shit myself? Nah just scratching me head ,that's all."
Bulkin live
Где игру скачать?
Connor Bentinck
_the ting go_
Connor Bentinck
is this the campaign or multiplayer?
No More Brother Wars...
Slow Mo
Мне не услышалось,на 10:48 он сказал во имя Господа,огонь.Как можно быть такой убогой блять мразотой
Antonio Guedes
Gopniks und panzer
Black Oak
Бандеровские собаки!!!
13.20 looks like a scene from zavod 311 map BF 4
7.41 believe me that shit hurts!! hes got nerve damage in that ear for sure..i have!
Jacques Clancy
c'est plus du defourallage a l'afgan
Jacques Clancy
ils savent au moins sur quoi ils tirent ?????????
When the rain comes everyone gets the F down....
Ghastly Grinner
Some questions popped into my mind when watching this
1. why are they firing semi auto if they are just going to pop off 30 rounds in rapid succession just go full auto I would assume the suppression effect would be stronger no? it strange to anyone else that you rarely see anyone firing an RPG with the fragmentation rocket it it always seems to be one type of HEAT rocket or another
Zsolt Monostori
Go Novo!
A French Canadian Soldier
escape from tarkov
Night Shade
7:11 My dick is wobbly
Sonia Minaya
Eye liek tu keel peepall
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Syria GoPro Combat From Ukraine War - Novorossian Rebels In Heavy 4 weeks ago   09:22

Syria GoPro combat video shows "Archer" a Polish volunteer, currently fighting with YPG/SDF forces in the battle for Raqqa Syria, using a M93 "Black Arrow" sniper rifle to support his unit during the joint YPG/SDF offensive on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

If you are interested in the full description fo the video made by the fighter you can go to his channel and check the video there to get an better insight of the situation he faced in the video. Just click on this link here:

Again we want to thank Archer for letting us share this video with you guys on our channel and have to say that you have to check out his YouTube channel with more combat footage from the fight against ISIS recorded from his perspective.

Check the Channel out here:

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