Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart 1 day ago   07:00

Ellen told her friend Kevin Hart that she contacted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in an effort to get him re-hired as host of the upcoming Oscars.


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Loic Williams
Such a drama queen haha bla bla bla
Teddy From the block
The love guru: Holds up midget

"I'd like to thank the academy" 🤣🤣
Jonathan Waller
This attack was like having Kevin Spacey hired for the Oscars, not the legend Kevin Hart
scooby stp
They should put a Kevin Hart show on tv the same time as the oscars.
Vella Brown
i have never seen him so srs!!😐 oh my god, what's wrong with these people. they just don't have anything to allday
Teri Balla
Can some body explane that what is going from the start .What is going on.
Wandile Sibiya
He's never been this serious 😐😯
Su Per
You can always hear it in his jokes, but his insight/thought on various situations are profound. This was great. Thanks, Ellen.

Much love, Kevin.
JoseLuis Ramirez
If someone has the right to believe that homsexuality is right, can he have the right to believe that homsexuality is wrong?
I have never seen Kévin this serious.
Hope he KH gets to host the Oscars
Simon Keel
I definitely think the tweets were more like cringey jokes honestly. I wouldn't be surprised if he is a little embarrassed by them.... I think the culture of attack and burn is a bit hypocritical. A lot of the people behind those sorts of movements are hypocrites because they go out of their way to destroy people instead of having a engaged conversation. Obviously there is the other side where people don't care and say everything, that isn't cool either. America is sliding in two opposite directions and it is a mistake. If these people go out of their way to try to ruin people before even trying to have dialog, they are part of the problem.
sean delgado
I see defamation of character lawsuit coming soon...
Manipulative undertones in this from Ellen. I think walking away from the Oscars is the only way he wins. Coercing him with her words and crowd into hosting the Oscars is a bit low.
Šamaš YT
This just hurts, to see Kevin Hart, such a great and genuine person, being hurt and attacked like that just hurts. You can see it in his eyes, he’s not well but he’s really trying to be strong about it, coz when it’s just one against a million then it gets really difficult.
Please host the Oscars SIR
rudy law
Ellen need too shut up!!
Abiy Surafel
Like for Kevin heart ❤️
piyush jain
This is deep from KH
Aaych Music
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Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy 1 day ago   05:45

In honor of Kevin Hart's movie Night School, he and Jimmy crash a day of classes at a high school to learn who is the better student.

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