10 Unusual Objects Made Entirely Shoot The Person Behind The Door 2 days ago   24:00

10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies! ➡ https://w-vidz.com/videow/w4Ez1AnHFDi
I Bought The First 10 Products Instagram Told Me To! ➡ https://w-vidz.com/videow/GdJd1Qt8rYa

Today on DOPE or NOPE we're unboxing 10 of the strangest items that were made entirely out of candy! Let's hope these products are more delicious than they look, and that we have the self control to not eat too much 😂 Comment below which product you thought was the most hilarious!

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for the pre-release livestream - you guys SMASHED the goal for the LIKE TO LIVE in the previous video, and it was a blast unboxing some mystery products with you!
If you missed the livestream, join us next time and click the bell icon so you know when it'll happen! 😎
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U guys forgot chocolate grenaees
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Shoot The Person Behind The Door 10 Unusual Objects Made Entirely 2 days ago   13:01

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