Is Ukraine losing the war with Russia? Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian 3 weeks ago   25:19

Al Jazeera English
On this week’s UpFront, we speak with Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze about the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the situation in Russian-annexed Crimea.

And we discuss whether or not Jair Bolsonaro, the controversial front-runner in the Brazilian elections could be a threat to Brazil’s democracy.

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MikeKnowsBest Channel
So many Russian bots and trolls here , my god lol . I just hope their will be peace once this war is over
PUBG Mafia
is it illegal to volunteer for the for if you are American. just Curious, have seen Americans fighting with the dpr
Jesper Kjaer
Yikes - she is blatantly lying. Good job al jazeera.
Donald stupid
эту тварь фашисткую посадить на кол
Shivam Tyagi
Maybe this guy doesn't know that Brazil is not the largest democracy in the world
I mean what is she doing in US 😁.. she should be in UKRAINE as
abdul haleem
Soon or later western exporting product like " man made killing machin/famine/poverty/ terrorism on and on would be over for ever" eastern power allmost came back as same as before" no more fake dollers/fake mainstream media/ acting innocent/ILLEGAL wars/capitalism/bohemian grove/ on and on would not acceptable at eastern world" surely western proganda will be burried by eastern world for forever and ever"
Uashiyah El yisrael
Yup, israel and U.S. cronies run Ukraine
Uashiyah El yisrael
Where is she from? She is not slavic
Rohny Mack
Us must bomb russia
Peter Edy Priyanto
Let Ukraine declares war and attack Russia, and Russia can legally annex whole Ukraine
Oleh Klymchuk
Good point to compare Crimea with the occupation of Baltic states by Soviets in the 40-s of the last century.
Ukraine will loose. they have no stomach for a tight
The Varangian from Pycь
U fools do the math Crimea belongs to Ukraine and Ukraine belongs To Russia just like Belarus and Finland !!!!!
The Varangian from Pycь
The war was won by voters !!! Russia is number 1 army in Europe was and always will be !!!
Валерій Дротенко
Forgot to mention in my previous comment: Russia is reluctant to wage an open war with Ukraine (only via proxies), because it will openly loose it. So, it leads clandestine (or even not so clandestine - smuggling of weapons to terrorists has been recorded by OSCE), idirect war, and looses it indirectly :).
Валерій Дротенко
Is it Russia Today, or it's still Al Jazeera? Guys, you may justify your ignorance and relying on false facts only by prevalence of Russian omnipresent propaganda, but it's time you need to review where do you source your information on Ukraine (in particular).
While you are pouring water on a mill of Russian propaganda, Kremlin is oppressing indigenous Muslim population of Crimean Tatars; same as it was killing muslim Chechens in 1994-96 and 1999-2009.
Out of last 2500 years of its recorded history, only 300 years Ukraine has been part of Russia - and, whereas Ukrainians entered into that union on a conditions it remains an independent body under protectorate of the Russian souvereign, it has been soon unitarily incorporated into the Empire and its people deprived of all of its liberties; the Ukrainian language oppressed, and even its ancient proper name (Rus') has been appropriated (=stolen) by then Muscovite Tsardom, so we had to adopt another name - Ukraine, by which we are known today.
In fact, it's a shame to gigantic Russia that, being a major nuclear super-power, it cannot defeat such a small nation with minuscule territory for all 4+ years of this war: Russia is reluctant to wage an open war, so it uses its proxies, Donetsk-Luhansk 'republican' terrorists - supplies weapons to them, provides them with military instruction, intelligence, anti-aircraft protection, as well as many Russian citizens are fighting as 'volunteers'.
And if you're afraid of 'Ukrainian nazis', go on supporting Russian aggression against our country - and you'll see not just a small 'Azov' batallion, but a whole nation radicalizing and become guerillas against this coward, lawless enemy of all civilized world, which is Russia - rigging elections (e.g. US, Brexit), downing civilian airplanes (MH17) and doing a lots of evil meddling all over the world.
Ahmed Deedat Jalloh
The west is the problem not the solution
+ Al Jazeera English ... Russia is not fighting the war in Ukraine. The _true_ Ukraine Patriots are fighting, against Kiev and the west! And, Russia did not fire a single shot in Crimea! Crimea legally voted to _return_ to Russia. It's important, too, that Ukraine did not do anything for Crimea the previous 25 years _before_ the USA led coup of Ukraine. In Crimea, after the USA coup, all Russia did militarily was to secure its Black Sea Port, which was its legal right. Then, it spent billions helping Crimea after the USA and its puppet Ukraine government tried to starve and freeze to death the people of Crimea, by supplying them, and rebuilding infrastructure and its major airport, and even building a major bridge from Russia to Crimea in record time.

Regarding the DPR and LPR, again, that was the result of the _true_ Ukraine Patriots refusing to bow down to Kiev, the corrupt, criminal, Ukraine puppet government, oligarchs, fascist nationalists, and the neo nazis.

Try actually reporting the truths during one of your so-called reports, because those facts should _always_ be mentioned, as the lead! That would take you all of a few seconds to actually say.
That is, of course, if you actually want the truths to be known.
Samme Samme-nlar
Crimea was never Ukrainian. Crimea was given to Ukraine in the 50s when a Ukrainian son rose to leader of Soviet union by the name of nikita Khrushchev. It's not a secret to anyone who wants to look into historical archives.
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Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian Is Ukraine losing the war with Russia? 3 weeks ago   15:48

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Days after Ukraine’s president was toppled from power during the Euromaidan revolution, Russian soldiers and local proxies took control of the strategically important Crimean peninsula and surrounded Ukrainian troops in their bases. Unhappy with the change in government in Kiev and using the unfounded fear of the Russian language being restricted, Russia made a bid for control in the region.

Following an illegal and fraudulent referendum on whether Crimea would become a part of Russia or not, Russia then formally annexed the peninsula — a move which was widely condemned by the international community. Russia had, in one quick and mostly bloodless takeover, reminded the world of its power, and made the West in its poor handling of the situation appear weak.

VICE News headed to Crimea to see how the change in rulers has gone down with the local population. Some residents welcomed Russia and the prospect of a greater economic future, while others feared losing their freedom to speak out, and did not like the idea of becoming pawns in Russia's military muscle flexing.

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