6 Beautiful lifelike Humanoid Robots BREATHTAKING China's Innovation! China's 2 days ago   10:53

Richard Aguilar
Have you seen human like robots on TV or in the movies? They are no longer a science fiction nowadays.

In this video we are going to look at 6 beautiful totally lifelike Humanoid Robots that are able to really interact with people.

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Number 6. Erica
Number 5. Junko Chihira and Aiko Chihira
Number 4. Nadine
Number 3. Komodoroid
Number 2. Arisa
Number 1. Sophia

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Where is rashmi robot in the list who believes in god?????🤔
R. H.
It is really cool.
R. H.
Future is now.
A. Ahmadi
You speak like a robot
Bob Jackson
I thought Sophia was a fake, someone is supplying the words, however her facial movement are good.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Robots are great!!
Fulgencio Factor
Can we fuck this robots?
glenn goodale
Thank you so very much for sharing this
Sam Porter
#1 robot i dislike the most. Feels like the programmers tried way too hard to make it act like it thinks and learns and yet missed their goal by miles.
David Lloyd-Jones
Now we know why the #MeToo movement exploded. Women realised that pretending to be robots was no longer a winning strategy. It's been automated out of the market.
It rather parallels the reason for the net-net migration of Mexicans from the United States to Mexico: they've realised that robots are going to take over stoop labour, so right about now is a good time to put their savings into that grocery store or gas station back home.
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BREATHTAKING China's Innovation! China's 6 Beautiful lifelike Humanoid Robots 2 days ago   12:01

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