Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained Understanding the Situation in Ukraine using 2 days ago   06:10

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What's going on between Russia and Ukraine? From natural gas theft to Russia's seizure of Ukrainian gunboats, here's everything you need to know about the two former Soviet states. #Ukraine #Russia #Soviet

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Robert Brown
I'm an American and met a Ukraine guy and he told me about this. it seems like Russia is being some bullies.
Gerard Smadja
I checked the detailed number of deaths as quoted in wikipedia (for what they are worth...)
3318 civilians from UN(probably mostly Eastern ukrainian, but not specified)
4159:Ukrainian forces + volunteers (Ukr historical sources?)
3544: DPR/LPR various
400-500: Russians US state department (compatible with 5000 to 10000 troops)
So indeed, the figure of 10000 includes civilians + military of both sides.
Thanks for this video about Russian agression in Ukraine. That was told accurately besides one moment. Actually it doesn't matter what the language people use in Ukraine, is it Russiian, Tatar or Ukrainian. The language is not related to opinion of Ukrainians. There are millions russian speaking Ukrainians who fight and struggle against Russia. At the same time we have some ukrainian speaking people who are not agains Russia and who doesn't appreciate our independence. Really people's views mostly depend on ther education, experiance, ability to be steadfast against russian propaganda etc.
Loading Croatia Ball
Ukraine is a smaller version of Russia...
Plz don't be mad xD
Hail King Devin
Russia not like E.U
Imaginé how powerful an alliance with the US and Russia could be! A global force for good!
We need to fix this, as an American I have great respect for the US military and the Soviets during WW2. I can assure you many Americans actually like Russia because of their strong stances, but the Democrats attempt to damage any relationship the US wants with Russia
To all those idiots not satisfied whit this video make a better one idiots
Alexey Semenov
Well made bulshit video. Don't even want to tell you people how many bulshit in this and how this video avoid real beneficials of oll ukranian conflicts.
Helen Urba
Thank you for this informative video. All mentioned facts are really truthful.
tata temyong
So it's victor who started it.....
A noob life 2
Do a video about Iran
Emil Girginov
Thay's the only video that explains things very good.
Nice job !
Adam Zaidi
They just need to split Ukraine right down the middle just like the British did with Pakistan and India. Problem solved!
Notice how russian trolls always bring up US. Textbook Putin's mutts.
Jorjag Poľný
Exactly! pro-russians! they wanted to separrate and ukraine sent tanks on them. and u are asking why are they fighting. of course russia is sending volunteers there because the rebells feel more russian than ukraine. and US is sending cars and radios and other equipment.
Smart Budget Construction
Bulls hit Propaganda.
Sashka Carotface
Why have 10;000 people been killed by Russian backed separatists ?
Have the Ukranian army not killed anybody ?
Its the Ukranian army killing civilians,
The DPR army are defending themselves from Nazi Azov battalions who want to stop them speaking Russian and drive them out of Donbass
Here is how to stop the war.
Withdraw Ukranian troops back to Kiev
Job done
Trumpington Fanhurst
Very sad, Russia felt forced to abandon their word; as a result no one will trust Russia again.
The worst part, the real catastrophe, is the lesson never give up your nukes or you will be invaded. Thanks Putin.
Sonni V
I understand that the US could not get involved in other parts of the world . lets say the US was out of the way. Can someone please explain to me who would stop Putin from taking over all of Europe? NATO is there bc all Russias neighbors have asked for protection . Russia is a bully that wants to conquer every thing..why doesn't anyone other than USA ever talk about the problems Russia is responsible for?
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Understanding the Situation in Ukraine using Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained 2 days ago   05:48

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DESCRIPTION:In this episode of Society of Geeks we look at some of the reasons behind the Situation in Ukraine. How did the war break out and which countries are involved in it.
The future developments in Ukraine will be significantly important for the relationship between the European Union, the United States and Russia and whether the heavy amount of outside interests from all sides on the country is promoting peace, may be up for debate.
Ultimately the citizens will have hard choices to make in the future. To choose between Nato and Russia. To choose between the European Union and the Eurasion Union and to choose between the countrys unity or separation, no matter what happens, it will affect us all.

Narrated by Emsoc.


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