Searching For Giant Fish Under Buscando TESOROS en el RÍO encuentro 2 days ago   13:17

Jiggin' With Jordan
In todays video I go spearfishing for massive grouper under big caves and find more than I ever expected! New? Subscribe and help me reach 2 MILLION Subscribers!!
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Searching For Giant Fish Under Coral Caves!! (Spearfishing)

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teacher : who do you look up too?

Me: Brandon Jordan

teacher: why

me: hes a really good guy looks after the fish cleans out water!
Nodles Pvp
Oh yeah yeah
George Georgia
Imagine diving down there and then coming face to face with a big great white shark haha
Dog Eggs
crystal river is my favorite place
Dyane Maaka
The fish Is called growler not crewber
Tyson Watson
That guy looks like post malone ...... the guy with the bushy beard on the boat ..... am I the only one who sees that ??
mickey moose
jordan the roblox man
Jack Delivera
Wait, so you went fishing with Post Malone?

Edit: I didn’t realise that there were other comments like this. Sorry guys lol
Corinna Murdock
could you guys do more rescue videos. you guys are amazing
Dane DeHart
60.7 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s not freezing at all..
The Black Shark
Hey very nice spearfishing session you had there, and I've an advice for you next time you're fish is going around a rock like your grouper just did, so basically you just let go your gun (just make sure before that the fish is not going to escape with your gun) then you go to the fish and kill it with your knife then you pull it out.
If you do that you never loose à fish like that anymore 👌
Glenn Roberts
Jordan, Jordan Bro where’s the final product! Would’ve been nice to see some samiches bro!
Glenn Roberts
It’s about time you display that Diver Down flag!!!!!!!
Oshane James
Nice work. I wish i could drive and shoot fish
Bob Frederick
Yes I want more. Only my heath keeps me from snorkeling, free diving, and scuba. I get my enjoyment out of you (guys).
5:00 very nice transaction the spear gun was unloaded then when he jumped it was loaded
Taco De Jong
Why do you kill nice fish
Kayd Ruedig
I love this kind of video
I'm confused whether you're fishing for sport or for food-you kill some awesome fish
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Buscando TESOROS en el RÍO encuentro Searching For Giant Fish Under 2 days ago   11:06

Centésimo quinto episodio de la serie Detección Metálica. Hoy, vuelvo a buscar tesoros en el río, a ojo, sin detector de metales. ¡RIVER TREASURES!

Pues si... Otro vídeo más de búsqueda en el río, tratando de localizar Gopros, teléfonos y demás tesoros perdidos... En esta ocasión el agua tiene mucha mejor temperatura que la última vez, y me puedo pasar mucho más tiempo buscando y recuperando tesoros en río, rodeado de naturaleza.

¡Acompáñame en mi aventura si quieres ver lo que me encuentro!




ESPAÑA: Mundo Detector, tienda de detectores de metales:




Grabo con las siguientes cámaras:
De acción:

¡Gracias por verme!

Canción: Fear the Fear del grupo Neurotech (Licencia: CC BY)

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