Muslim CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson INFECTING A SCAMMERS PC WITH WANNACRY! 1 day ago   10:17

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THE DEATH OF AMERICA - A MORAL DECEDENT 28 year old moves from being a Catholic Nun to being a porn star Muslim CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson, Watch How He Responds.
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Ok faire enough, so questions do you guys have about Islam? maybe we can have a conversation about them and clear some fog.
I’m sure. Islam is bad. Period.
Adam Fullhan
You want to "heal your ignorance" mr Peterson..... Watch Mohamed Hijab or talk to him
Adam Fullhan
The separation of church and state is what normalized homosexuality in your filthy society, brought you transgenderism, feminazisism, forced you to believe all these are normal things

And enforced evolution in educational institutions BY FORCE, when it's competely unscientific 🤦‍♂️😂
Adam Fullhan
This man was not even a muslim. You can't be a muslim if you claim that westard values are better than yours 😂🤦‍♂️
Bradley Depatie
my old friend wendy was born in the one percent and is now poor. I was born into poverty and am now in the middle class. Becoming wealthy is a choice anybody can make.
Anita Samadian
How anyone can call prof Peterson “alt right” is beyond me
Fundamentally, I do know. Here's a simple answer. Examine the peaceful, egalitarian, kind and virtuous life of Jesus Christ. Next, examine the violent, murderous, and bigoted life of Muhammad of Medina. Look no further than the stories. Huge difference. Now consider that Christians consider Christ to be God incarnate. Next, consider how Muslims consider Muhammad of Medina to be the greatest prophet of their moon-god "allah". If you cannot see a distinction, you might wish to brush up on your reading skills. It is a distinction which is easily noted in the outcomes it produces in the society's created by each of its adherents.
Australian Bloke
Great content. Dishonest title. Thumbs down for clickbait.
hovard p.lovecraft
fundamentally he is shilling judeo-christian term...which i dont buy for a second....there is no great western judeo christian culture,and he is just a part of discourse of islam vs christians and jews...and he is just another guy echoing that he is same for me as sam harris and other of similar ilk...and i cant even understand how he even wants to give opinion on something that he himself admits he has no sufficient knowledge on...he is just another con-man, only a bit more subtle than other of his ilk
When the title puts "Confronts" in CAPITAL form you know the uploader is an ignorant one. Listen to Jordan, calm, collected and to the point while being right in his own way and being respectful.
NEVER will you find two intellects fighting. They share thoughts and learn from one another. Apparently this moron who uploaded this video learned nothing from his lecture.

Put Jordan and Hamza Yusuf together and you are gonna have an intellectual supernova explosion that would enlighten us more. You will not be seeing them fighting it out.

I bet the title would be in that case, "Hamza Yusuf CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson, Watch How he responds).
Pasajero De La Brújula
Considering that Mr. Petersen carefully selects his words, I find it particularly interesting he says, “that is a killer question.”
Religion should only be viewed as a collection of moral stories that can inspire people to live life in the right way - similar to how old fairy tales were typically written so that they would teach children to not do bad things.
It is when people start treating religion as some sort of "historical truth" that things become ridiculous.
nightstar m
OK...just to let you know Islam will be destroyed...its already destroy only the fools remain....but not for long because Jesus CHrist will finish them when the great day of the lord Jesus Christ comes...bye bye Muhammad or whatever ur name is.
Your intro is why we cant have good things
Jordan Peterson is an intelligent man who considers things from both sides. I disagree with him on Christianity, among other things, but he has a LOT of very valid, alarming points.

Ben Shapiro, on the other hand, is no different than the regressive left: he chooses statistics out of context which support his high level of bias.

1. Upward socioeconomic mobility in the US is more difficult than ever and is becoming more impossible with every passing year. 90% of the bottom quintile barely makes it into the next bracket, which 30-40 years ago WAS a big jump, now its like going from being a $8/hour line worker at McDonalds to being the night manager making $15/hour. Big fucking deal.

2. Gender Dysmorphia Disorder is recognized as valid by every Western nation and many others. Suicide rates AFTER REASSIGNMENT are NO HIGHER THAN THE SOCIETAL AVERAGE.

If you actually care about facts, stop playing videos of this moron.
Conservatards want theocracy too.
Ayyub Vernon
The Islamic prophet was not a "war lord". He fought defensive wars and was quoted as saying how his followers shouldn't look forward to war, they should avoid it. Expansion of the Islamic world, happened after his death. There were battles, of course, but this is a story of 23 years.. less than 500 people died in 23 years in battle... hardly "bloodshed" or "war lord" like. It's western orientalism that insists on focusing on the sporadic and rather rare battles. They have this in common with extremists.
Ayyub Vernon
Ayan Hirsi Ali was exposed on Dutch television for lying repeatedly about her past.
Bryan Sarver
The west is a war lord!!!!!
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INFECTING A SCAMMERS PC WITH WANNACRY! Muslim CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson 1 day ago   21:21

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