#REVISITED - A decade on, Spain still Summer Crisis - Europe 2 days ago   17:02

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Ten years ago, Spain was hit by a severe economic crisis. A million Spaniards moved abroad in search of a better life and the country’s traditional two-party system took a beating. Our correspondent takes a closer look at what has changed: Although economic indicators paint a rosier picture today, austerity has left its mark and job insecurity is on the rise.

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Wallace Rose
I'm loving France 24. I like the European point of view!
Miele Rodriguez
Leave the EU. The EU is destroying Europe.
Jimbo Jones
Economic crisis? Or economic attack?
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Summer Crisis - Europe #REVISITED - A decade on, Spain still 2 days ago   30:19

July 2010

Deserted beaches and empty hotels offer a gloomy vista of the European financial crisis. We take a ground-level look at how the crisis is really hitting the people who depend upon tourism to survive.

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