Why Apple Fails in India (& Why it Matters) Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will 1 day ago   10:17

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As Apple turns to rising prices to grow its revenue, emerging markets like India offer huge potential growth. But the iPhone is failing to capture it.

This includes a paid sponsored promotion which had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video.

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Full list of sources: https://pastebin.com/3XJ1bbhq
Apple Park image from Apple: https://www.apple.com/retail/appleparkvisitorcenter/

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If this stuff interests you, you should check out Lei’s video on the same topic https://w-vidz.com/videow/Nd3EM45K0u4 and Rene’s (somewhat) related video: https://w-vidz.com/videow/cH-TJTFBdeK
Madara Uchiha
To hell with iPhone! It's made for the self inflated douches with a scarce sense of self worth.
Its because India has a high IQ and realizes apple is a scam
You didn't need the first half of this video.
Pizzathehut El
Because they only listen to interesting people.... Indi people are not interesting yet.
Eric Joseph
You have to be retarded to buy Apple products. If you have enough money to pay 300% the price of an equivalent specced phone, you might as well give your money to charity or do something meaningful.
Gael MZ
I played fornite with an Indian and his accent was very weird
Patrick Gendron
I'd like to know your thoughts on this article from Forbes that hint at a possible fall of Apple. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephenmcbride1/2019/01/21/the-end-of-apple/
Luke Beauchamp
It's a good thing Indians aren't buying Apple's overpriced junk.
iiAvyay HD
China 🇨🇳
Mount Olympus
Dumb culture is growing in India too. People think a person having apple is intellectual and 'rich'.
Siddhant Rachha
run in 1.5x speed, thank me later
Darshil parmar
Have you ever used xiomi and OnePlus phones? Apple is shit and everyone knows about it . Am I the only one seeing it ? Am I taking crazy pills?
Wil Woo
Cause people in India aren't dumb like Americans to buy an expensive phone when there are other phone with same stats for cheaper prices.
Oh yeah yeah
Daniel M
Why do you buy their junk mobile phones?? All you need is a phone for communication and texting a message, that's it. Anything more in technology is stupid and pointless, and you are only giving your money away.
Because the smartphone industry is so large in India, smartphones generally sell for cheaper. As said, samsung and Motorola do really well due to low prices and high quality
Tommy Vercetti
I don't understand why there was a need to make a whole video to explain why Apple failed in India. It's simple: it's just too expensive for India!
Tanmay Das Adhikari
INDIA is a #beehive, looks chaotic but functions efficiently.
Chris's Yutube account
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Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will Why Apple Fails in India (& Why it Matters) 1 day ago   05:09

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