CHINA Unveils Its Amazing Mega Trade Winds between China 1 day ago   17:45

Richard Aguilar
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Watch and Know Who's working on the Belt and Road projects.
China Is Executing Its Global Agenda Perfectly Well, Expert Says.
Chinese Belt and Road Initiative Reaps Fruitful Results after Five Years.
China's seventh largest desert- From dust to wealth.
Belt and Road widens China-ASEAN cooperation.
Kari Fulton on China's Green Wall Project.
UAE and China in talks over Belt and Road projects.

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L Dion
One Belt One Road is the future to jump start and hopefully lift the global poverties. Giving the jump start opportunities to having these nations to participate for their businesses and economic activities possible only with such infrastructures existed. Ultimately learn how to build and manage their credits like those other nations have been took advantages of credits life lines. This is not a zero sum gain, this is win-win if every participant on boards and working into better future and away from West's disaster colonial model. This is a new hopes.
Ian Eune
But we need coal to make steel... Trump is only using coal for US steel, not for power plant like some countries...
It's not about Zero-Sum development? And yet we are still not seeing anyone be able to Sell TO China...Development and Trade are usually Circular not one way.
Kim Kwan
China builds and build  them big !!
Ahasan Habib
Chinese coming soon brighter feuter
glenn goodale
Great reporting, editing, and news
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Trade Winds between China CHINA Unveils Its Amazing Mega 1 day ago   30:00

"To go fast, walk alone; to go far, walk together." In this documentary, we meet the Chinese and Africans who mingle, collaborate and forge a future together.
#ChinaAfrica #FOCAC2018

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