Encouraged by US, Ukraine Prepares to Stage Iran EXPOSED ‘Uninspected’ secret 2 days ago   05:30

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here is a cause for concern and it’s real and very grave. Ukraine is being pushed to war. Kiev is not bluffing. Encouraged by its American tutors, it’s involved in dangerous games pursuing political purposes. It’s not about sanctions, warnings, statements and declarations - they want to provoke real shooting now. The time is right for ringing alarm bells before it’s too late.

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David Reynoso
Russia stay out of Ukraine. Nato Help Ukraine.. More Sanctions. ..
Dark Star
So many nazis in the Kiev government....
BEEP boop bop, I am not a robot, beep boop bop, I am a sentient human.
whiplash bas
no wonder some countries called the u. s the great satan... always find a way to provoke others... 😆
jack hook
This is none of the us business I am a American. Ukraine is not in NATO. I could care less about Ukraine and most American people feel the same.this is between Ukraine and Russia.
Samretheany Yim
Russia is gonna kill two birds with one stone...!!! U.S better get out...!!!
євген логінов
crap as usual
Ukraine, the US, Russia and the United Kingdom signed
Budapest memorandum, in which there is an agreement that
Ukraine completely refuses from
nuclear weapons and russia, usa, united kingdom guarantee immunity
the borders of ukraine
in 2014 Russia annexed
Crimea and part of the Donbas.
the uk and the usa entirely
fell to defend Ukraine.
Crimea is Ukraine.
do not listen to propagandists.
you should read the current interstate
contracts, the Ukrainian sailors did not violate anything.
Russia is a pirate state and you
the next .
as soon as russia atack's one of
Nato's nation, you will all be involved in a big war.
if you do not want to stop Russia with sanctions, you will have to stop it
with guns in yuor hands.
mbanyamarwil yes
Russia is the one provocating. Give back Crimea and the ships! Weak and wicked Russia!
Kuro DaCat
Hhhmmmm....Russia took Crimea. .which have to admit..for me It's Russia..but I look at it thur history..but than again it's Ukraines..Do to Russia did give it to them...it's almost like Russia taking Alaska back..lolol
But the Blockade to that sea as a war footing..for Russia..Great move..way easier to invade Ukraine and harder to invade Russia..but With that said..but watching that video of the 3 ships..is it me or was that tug fully stopped when they hit it???
True Horde
Ernest Gibson
Why would the eastern Ukraine give the boys to die for nato.because they want the land to FIGHT RUSSIA , UKRAINE SHOULD BE FRIENDLY WITH RUSSIA 80% OF UKRAINIAN PEOPLE SPEAK RUSSIAN.
America and the five eyes I would suggest you leave a run alone then not bluffing why do you people want nuclear war because if you have nuclear war you won't wake up that's the end so stay out of trouble and just look after your own countries don't try to take other countries out leave them alone
Richard Henry
All Ukraine wanted was democracy, freedom and a safe place to live and work.

They had that.

The USA gave them a neo Nazi dictatorships, martial law and devastated economy that is bankrupt.

The USA should compensate the Ukraine by paying to rebuild its economy. Rather then put them in debit building military when it can’t care for its own people.
benidictine monk
More untrue news from this warmongering site.
balam thapa
Ukren will die
Lemoni Menisza
Ukrainians are playing a dangerous game, please don't take such a risk. It will be futile.
Elias J.
porochenko is a real idiot! & as usual the americans are behind this from start to finish. See how quickly Russia puts a stop to this provocation. What a joke america dosen't give a stuff about it's own citizens. Too busy starting wars they'll never finish forget the homeless natural disasters war is 1st. Trumps a dickhead!
john yanthan
Mmm....Ukrainians really hate Russians.
Richard Henry
To think that fat pig in Ukraine is not elected and has no support of the people but the USA arms him to take the people to war.

The USA is very evil
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Fake news Americunt scares of Russia so bad.
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Iran EXPOSED ‘Uninspected’ secret Encouraged by US, Ukraine Prepares to Stage 2 days ago   04:44

Iran EXPOSED ‘Uninspected’ secret nuclear sites REVEALED, sparking World War 3 fears

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