Inside a Google data center Obsolete By 2030 - Humans Need 3 months ago   05:28

G Suite
Joe Kava, VP of Google's Data Center Operations, gives a tour inside a Google data center, and shares details about the security, sustainability and the core architecture of Google's infrastructure.

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Cort Lefebvre
THeyre using macs
Ninja Dude
Welp my account got stolen and i messages google a lot .. And they didn't help me ... Am I a Joke To You?
Abah Ntuk
How much TB is it?
Google friends
Kaizer Cuambe
My dream is to work there...
Zem Anes
Is this where they store all my information?
adil saeed vlogs
can i download this video and shareng on my channel
gamer guy
In my next life im wanna be the Google server xD
Da Eel
What happen if no Internet and what will happen to all data?
Da Eel
What happen if all machine stop working?
Da Eel
This need ALOT of maintenance lol
Da Eel
Is this place fire prove?
Da Eel
This is where my picture and privacy saved?
Varun Bharadwaj
My dream job 😍😍😍
Kakashi Hatake
This building knows more about me than I know myself.
Eye Candy
Truly amazing. Google has defined technological success and it's amazing to be living during this time to see Google and their genius team members excell in mastering technology. And they have a very fun working environment for their employees at Google which is awesome
So rich yet they have razor scooters
alfian gawski
the question. Why google engines cannot reach deep web sites?
Ashish Patole
Missing Solar Roofing...!
Chandru Raja
🤔😐 how large process in my single search !!!
But too fast
Really great
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Obsolete By 2030 - Humans Need Inside a Google data center 3 months ago   50:16

The 20 jobs that robots are most likely to take over human jobs. Is your job at risk?

Machines are only getting smarter and more efficient. So much so that they're starting to take over both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. NPR recently posted a guide created by researchers that predicts the chance of our jobs being automated within the next 20 years.

To make their projections, the experts scored jobs across 21 fields on nine possible traits, the four most important being: cleverness, negotiation, helping others, and squeezing into small spaces.

- 9 'future-proof' careers, according to the world's largest job site.

"Machines have the potential to make the workplace more efficient, by automating mechanical and routine processes, but humans will always play a key-role at the centre," he said.

Check to see if your career makes the list, which is ranked in ascending order by average salary, according to data from Indeed and job search site Glassdoor.

- Find Out If a Robot Will Take Your Job. Type in you filed or industry to see:

- Let the robots take our jobs and pay for a Universal Basic Income?

As developments in artificial intelligence and robotics advance, there is going to be a severe and swift disruption of many working classes. Large swaths of laborers are going to lose their jobs, leading to unprecedented levels of unemployment.

To account for this problem, having access to basic needs should become a right, not a privilege for the non-automated classes. It should be the responsibility of the corporations that have taken away working-class jobs to grant families this right—and the best solution would be in the form of a universal basic income.

UBI, an economic proposition in which a sum of money is regularly paid to a population, could be a vital bulwark against the unintended consequences of automation in the workforce. Companies will profit significantly from workforce automation, so the private sector will be able to afford shouldering this burden, while at the same time still making greater profits.

God bless everyone.

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