World War Three: On the brink of conflict? Ukraine strenghtens naval forces 1 day ago   10:02

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RUSSIA already has 80,000 troops and 900 tanks inside Ukraine according to a stark warning from the country’s President Petro Poroshenko, increasing concerns a major conflict could unfold in continental Europe.

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LPS 10 Katy
Wt*? A ledvenc országaim?!?!??!?!?!?! Jaj ne.. Ukrajna mellettünk van.. OHO.. Na mind egy.. Hajrá Russia!!!!
Robert Miller
F Russia, they are pigs and goose stepping Nazis under Comrad Vlad the bad Putin! As a New Zealander we will side with Ukraine as Putin has ripped up just about every treaty the west has signed with Russia! So F Russia and F Putin, he isn't helping the Russian economy by invading Georgia and Ukraine and Annexing Crimea. He has also ripped up the INF treaty and even Donald Trump; Putin''s little puppet!The trouble is Trump has been found out! And Vlad the bad has been exposed!
Srikanth Paniker
I reckon Ukrainians are very similar to Russians in culture, linguistics, and many aspects. I really think Ukraine should became part of Russia. The Us and their western liberal faggot allies want to keep splitting ethnicities. THey don’t want unity, stability or peace to exist anywhere. Many Ukrainians want to be a part of Russia, but their president is the pet dog of the United States. It’s a shame. If Obama and the US can destabilise the Middle East and directing the surge of migrants into European countries like Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Netherlands and many others then they can do much worse with many Eastern European countries who are just holding onto their conservative values, which will not last long as long as they are the puppets of the Americans. But with Russia, nothing of this will happen. The refugees from the middle east will remain in the Middle East as their nations like Syria, Iraq, Libya and many others will be stable and progressed under nationalist regimes, and there will be no terrorist attacks in Europe along with the fetishizing of Islam by the liberal dogs of Europe, Canada and America. Europe will get back its tradition and culture if it sticks with Russia. Because russia is not the army of rapists as it was during the soviet era. Russia is the only super-power with morals, strong culture, and religion. In Russia religion is not defied, like in America and the West. For example in Canada, you can actually lose your rights to your child if she/he thinks they are transgender, and the parents refuse to accept that. Little children. This is the liberal madness in the West. It’s because of their “free speech”. So free that it lets liberals, leftists and progressives speaking freely, push people around and shut conservatives out(the same conservative idiots who voiced for free speech is now getting hit in the face), change laws and norms that suit to their need. Example obama came into power. He spread the cancer of liberalism through his foreign influence, and guess how’ve Germany, Britain, France, Canada, and Sweden and many others turned out. This is because of their “free speech” and liberal democratic ideas. Look at Russia. No liberal problem there. Because we have nationalism in Russia and conservative values that are not questioned like they are in the perverted western society. In Russia, i would feel more safe raising my children, than in the West, where the state gets involved in family affairs, deliberately splitting children from their parents.
David Reynoso
Putin stay out of Ukaine. ......... Nato help Get (Russian Rebels) out. Of (Ukraine). ..
Abdullah Nassor
Fake strong man poroshenko
Virka Odinenko
Ukraine is a Nazi and fascist state. They removed all anti-fascist memory and proclaimed Nazis, SS accomplices and fascists as national heroes... Ukraine is a country promoting genocide.
Quang Vuong
The president of Ukraine is a madman, a psychotic
Second Face
the world become boring and over populated with useless people! we need a grand war to balance the world!
Daxi_ PlayZ
Go!!! Help donbass free itself!!!
Joesph Pittinger
What false news you are as bad as CNN.Please show photos, please tell about the coup the United States of America orchestrated and how the USA put in a new government in the Ukraine. Let's have some truth for a change.
Ken Windrum
Don't worry Ukraine The USA will fix this sick head scumbag son of a bitch Putin.. This peace of slime is on his way to hell... The USA has laser beam in space to nock out there computers..
ron stewart
It's not Mr Poroshenko, it's nutty as a fruit cake piss head poroshenko. He's living in some twilight zone..........
Renatzki Agab
Breaking Fake News!!
Lorenzo DeMonteclaro
Rumors of wars, don't be alarmed the end is not yet here
Alaric von Gunnicus K
Only invasion he’s worried about is coming election he would loose 100%
Peter Summersett
And, the top US navy commander has just been assassinated! The United Nations will defend the Ukraine! The result is nuclear war? Fakeputin is, in effect, committing suicide and conducting genocide. He has to ask himself if it's even possible for him to survive, at this point in time! The man is now infinitely desperate, since he has boxed himself into his own corner, in effect. Anything might happen, next. Prophecy is still certain – there will be war at sea!
Fakeputin will be surprised, in any number of ways.
Lorenzo DeMonteclaro
I'm not going to lie Russian has a great desert camo, my gosh its so beutiful.
Lorenzo DeMonteclaro
I thought Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014
Brian Morrison
Then bomb the fucking shit out of them
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Ukraine strenghtens naval forces World War Three: On the brink of conflict? 1 day ago   03:37

One of the pressing issues at the G20 summit is the rising tension between Moscow and Kyiv. Martial law has been put in effect in the Ukraine, Russia deployed missile systems in Crimea, President Trump’s summit snub of Vladimir Putin, a lot has happened in less than a week since Russian security services fired on and captured 3 small Ukrainian navy vessels heading through the Kerch strait. Our correspondent Nick Connolly has been to Mariupol, the front line port city for Ukraine's fleet to investigate.

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