This Man's Art Got Caught in Tumblr's Meet A Professional Poo Diver 2 days ago   05:55

When Tumblr announced it was banning porn in December, thousands of users mourned it was “the end of Tumblr ” — a blow not only to nudes, but to the labyrinth of subcultures that made the site a weird little world.

David Pevsner is one of those users. The subject of his art is human sexuality at any age. Pevsner is 60 and posts nude photos of himself to his 26,000 followers.

Pevsner had been using Tumblr for five years — as an art gallery, a way to connect with fans, and overcome shame about his body. He thinks Tumblr’s decision is a concession to prudishness, that it implies there’s something wrong, or damaging, or embarrassing about the naked human body.

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VICE News went to Los Angeles to talk with Pevsner about his art — and how Tumblr's recent ban has affected him and the site as a whole.
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Jagex Moderate
If u can nut to it then its porn... if u cant then its art😂😂😂😂
Wayne Spaulding
Which app can imitate tumblr ?, it's not Instagram or snapchat. We need another app like tumblr to show naked people having fun and pleasure
David, it's porn.

(Which is alright though. It's just another example for why you shouldn't tie your business to one single platform which you don't own and whichs' rules might be subject to change)
Luis Castro
let people do what they wish but WhyTF do a video report on this creepLAfuck
Malcolm Meetze
im going to start spreading my ass cheeks and take pictures call it starfish art.
John Smith
whiskeyhammer 90
*in virgin voice* it's poooorn.
Jarid Gaming
It's still porn though, some might say its art. But I argue if you show the images to people that dont know its art, they would use it as pornography.
Mary Fish
Porn is about power over, erotica is about art and choice.
Pete W
Vice discrediting itself once again.
Mr. Miles
It's porn... lmao.
Snazzy Media
Snazzy Media
Why are these dongs allowed on youtube? tumblr has higher standards than google apparently.
Brian Orr
For all those saying this is porn, what's the difference between erotic art and porn? Why would either be negative? We all have naked bodies, some are just more brave to show them to others. You become 60 and feel secure enough in your body to show yourself to the world. I liked that with Tumblr, you could find your own erotic imagination represented in someone's picture and you didn't feel like you would get computer viruses or get the feeling like you're going to be asked to pay a subscription for seeing them. When you're on a site where you feel like that..then I believe that to be traditional porn. This? Nah, this is a naked man who's just really photogenic.
No they just wanted to ban him because no one wants to see his old wrinkly balls 🤮.
Eki Kaelani
*See the title* It's probably bad alogarithm

Nope nope nope it's a porn
Carlos Perez
Ummm.. That's porn! Well made and artistic porn, but porn.. so yeah.. porn! And someone get her a coffee!!! (May help her figure out it's PORN!!)
Star Cherry
Those men have some fine penises
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Meet A Professional Poo Diver This Man's Art Got Caught in Tumblr's 2 days ago   04:27

Next time you’re having a shit day at work, spare a thought for Australia’s professional poo divers. They’re tasked with making sure the country’s sewerage processing plants are running well. They suit up and dive down into toxic ponds of excrement to clear obstructions and manage the huge machines that keep things regular.

In the nation’s poop they’ve found teeth, undies, and a lot of corn. The job is hard, they’re submerged in thick sludge, working in the pitch dark, with nothing to guide them other than their instincts. But what sounds like hell to us, they find strangely peaceful. And the smell? To them, it just “smells like money.”

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