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Josh Wolf

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Phenomenal Woman
You are HILARIOUS!!!!
benD'anon fawkes
his kids are gonna be embarrassed when they're older..
Ethan Partin
Been through this
Rosethorn X
Keep doin your thing😂😂I love watching your videos 😂
Rosethorn X
This is a fucking classic
Fallah Hassan
Being a teenager is fucked up man 😫
It's hard to control myself... Like I'm horny 24 hours a day !! I musterbate.. a lot!!!😅 But it doesn't work i mean for god sake who gets hard like hell in a math class!? Tell u who .. it's meee
Derrick Zeller
Until he said she was a teenager, I was certain his daughter was a toddler from the way he said she talked lol
Silke Jansen
It's not in control there, it's not there fault.
Alicia Banister
This guys about to get big I can feel it
Cynthia Vayio
"God doesn't let little hookers into heaven..." 😂😂😂💀💀💀
" I'm gonna bury some bodies with that girl ..."😄😄😄
Konnor Bailey
1:40 amen
Kaitlyn Diep
Laura Schiesl
Kind of makes life's troubles easier to laugh about it. Thank you Josh! Those kids knew all along!
DirtyReDD 9ine5ive
Fuckin savage
That Guy Luke
If only my dad was this funny
And present in my life
Ok thats funny but what if his kids watching this? And how would they feel about it?
This guy looks and reminds me of Daniel Tosh! After every video I’m fucking dying man. One of the best comedians I’ve ever seen 😂😂
Jonathant Pheral
Josh, your breakout is coming quick! You kill every set I’ve seen! I was at your show in Kansas City a couple months ago and it had me dying. I’m looking forward to your inevitable Netflix special
Orenthal Simpson
Josh Tosh
Miguel Araújo
Daniel Tosh act is so much cleaner!
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