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TRUE Paranormal Activity!! Some call them ghosts. Others call them spirits. Po-ta-to, po-tot-o. Regardless of their label, some of these encounters have proven to be reassuring and positive. Those aren’t the ones we’re talking about today. Nope. We’re talking about the-chilling, spine-tingling, goose bump-producing tales. Stay tuned to number one to find out about a Civil War soldier who haunts an old Brothel in New Orleans!

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Number 10: Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road.
Sometimes there is an experience one person goes through. This, however, is about a place where multiple people have had honest-to-goodness scares. Long Island, New York has two roads, essentially parallel to each other, with dreary stories dating back to the Native Americans thinking this land was cursed. The alleged tales vary from a ghostly woman in white wandering the road, to the spirits of children attached to an overpass from their torturous demise in a fire while at camp. Despite the true background being hazy, the hauntings in these areas are not.
One such experience involved some fear-seeking family members hoping to encounter said children spirits. While there, nothing seemed to have happened. So, going home disappointed, they went off to bed. That night, however, they got their wish. The mom slept uneasy the entire night, feeling as if something was watching her. Even scarier is the fact that the other 3 people all had the same exact dream that night. It was of a small pale boy with black hair and a face no one could remember.
Apparently, these kiddie spirits like to spook people after the fact. Another group of friends went off one night, hoping to hear the giggles of spirit children. They eventually gave up and went for a late-night coffee run. While returning to their car after getting coffee, they noticed from the parking lot light shining on their car, that there were small, child-sized handprints all over their windows. But that is not all folks… When they tried to wipe them off, they couldn’t because the handprints were on the INSIDE of the car.
There are many stories about these roads and paranormal investigators have even gone to these roads to check them out. Some of their photographs showed up with strange orbs of light that appeared right after they asked if a spirit was there. Their EVP readings contained clips of sounds with voices asking for help. Other investigators have recorded clips with a growling sound, followed by a voice asking for help. Needless to say, if you’re ever driving around Long Island, you might want to avoid these roads, unless you’re in the mood for a fright!
Number 9: Amityville Horror House.
Some stories are so eerily real that movies are made about them. Most people probably know about the Amityville Horror House. You know, that horror movie where the guy was driven insane by evil spirits and voices in his house and ended up murdering his whole family. Except that it actually happened. Not only that, but the house seems to bring with it a curse. The brave souls who lived there after the murders are said to have experienced an angry man’s voice shouting at them to get out, family members levitating in their sleep, and seeing slime ooze out of keyholes. They even passed a lie detector test to prove it.
Since those horrific events, the house and been revamped and cleansed and hopefully has a less evil-y feel if you’re inside. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still cursed. A family that later lived there didn’t publicly report any instances, but their son was killed in the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Though that could be completely unrelated, it does make you wonder if a curse still remains on those that live there.
Number 8: Poltergeist.
Sometimes there’s a movie so scary that your only comfort later that night when you’re trying to fall asleep in your dark, quiet room, is that it was just a movie. Except, what if it wasn’t just a movie? Welcome to the world of Poltergeist.
The family that really lived through the horror experienced things popping open, items flying through the air, and a heavy bookcase suddenly falling over. Police and priests also experienced the unexplained when investigations and attempted cleansings were done.
Not only was the story real, but those that later worked on the movie seemed to inherit the curse. The number of cast member deaths between the end of filming the first Poltergeist to before Poltergeist III was released is chilling. The actress who played the older sister? Murdered. The actor who played the priest? Cancer before Poltergeist II was released. The shaman? Failed transplant.

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