i broke a fortnite world record *WORLD RECORD* 44 PLAYERS IN FINAL 1 day ago   10:46

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i broke a fortnite battle royale challenge world record (kinda)

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cizzorz death run 2.0 world record for longest time spent on one stage... kill me
Een Game Kanaal
That's Lazer beams his skin
You really trick me with that title
Micah Hanby
Your patience level is that of a god
Different ¿
*trap sound is now so annoying xD*
h2o ghost Boi
TBNR_ Beast
What is the code for this deathrun?
Raija Veneskoski
Like this if he is lazarbeam copy
Xavier Lemus
He says no one can be worse than him but I’ve been stuck on level three for the past two days
Bailey Phillips
Xx 6:01 is my favorite part😂
Oh yeah yeah
Ben W
I couldn’t get past level 6 through the 4 hours
Elliot S
Juancho Kim
There is look no hate but lazarbeam is THE WORST and rememner i dont hate him i love his videos
larzabaem is way worst
I love how mccreamy doesn’t rage, he just makes a joke
Canal do KOGU
Code of the map ?
Starlord Mavrick
Your not the slowest lazer beam took the whole 3 hours to get to level 4 or 5
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*WORLD RECORD* 44 PLAYERS IN FINAL i broke a fortnite world record 1 day ago   10:05

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