RUSSIA VS USA Putin given 60 DAYS Rick Sanchez explains why Russian 2 days ago   04:50

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DONALD Trump has give Vladimir Putin a 60-day ultimatum to come clean about Russia's continued violation of a key nuclear control treaty which has kept weapons of mass destruction out of Europe for three decades.

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Gary Herbeck
Nobody in the world is afraid of america,they know our gov,goes to highest bidder,facts,read people,damn,we are all being duped
Lito acoba
The great Russian be the leader of the world fight the real enemy's of the world the globalist ,luciferian, the satanism people
tony esdra
Lawerance Lourland
The United States always false access.when they are the ones breaking treaties.. The United States government are .and is evil. Trump is evil liar. Now he is helping the NWO globalist. Traitor. And proving to be one stupid mother FUCKING liar. Trump you need to hire me. I will kill the NWO. Before they attack Russia. And you start pissing against the wend.
gordon wilson
looks like somebody's itching for a fight..gun waving yanks as usual and blaming anyone but themselves..i live in central Scotland, am fucked if you start..
Lawerance Lourland
Trump is being stupid. Jan 1 impeach 45.
Darlene Worthy
Happy holidays to all,,President V,Putin face getting fat.. ENJOY MORE
sophie carchman
N.Korea survived many ultimatums!
Baldy's game is up, egged on by Obama, he climbed up a limb. Now Trump is calling the hoax, and Putin is relying on European cucks to sqwibble out of the situation, lame.
Are Suha
go to hell.....
Elias J.
trump your a inbred pig only america never complied at any time! So shove your head up your own asshole trump you got 60 days to do it! america is a lying terrorist supporting scum of a country!
Aleksandra Fudali
Zoran Paunovic
Russia said NO after 2 days! Don't waste 58 more days. Do you think to scary Russia? Lol, Russia is not tiny Serbia, Iraq or Syria. Yoy will get what you deserve! Burn in hell!!!
Mike Marley
The world according to the comment section does not like the USA but they sure like our money and they all want to live here.Hmmm....
Mike Marley
Ignorant comments here....
Alphonso Gomez
Go Putin 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🖕🖕f usgay🇺🇸
Scorpion Don
Russia has sleeper nukes buried along the entire US coast just waiting for command ...mother russia will nuke them from space and from under the ground you cant hide massive tsunami will drown millions new York and LA is a easy target for sleeper nukes
Martin Mwaura
Before USA thinks of attacking Russia..let them deal with Iran threats their records failed mission in Afghanistan after spending 700 million dollars,Iraq , getting their ass kicked by Vietnam not forgetting being repelled in Syria ..the only war they would win is the ones they create in Hollywood movies..just blowing hot air..America your time is up..Russia is here to humble your asses..
Bern Koh
Come and try , Russia is waiting for you.
Carolyn Carter
you have since, fired everyone that work for you, starting wars you won't win, and you are a traitor, never mind being an american, you are not! just look at all the trouble you have started, you didn't win the white house, you brought it, asshole, tweet this please
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Rick Sanchez explains why Russian RUSSIA VS USA Putin given 60 DAYS 2 days ago   13:03

Americans need to know the history of broken US promises that led to Russia’s encirclement. During the re-unification of Germany in 1990, the US offered an “iron-clad guarantee” that NATO would expand “not one inch” toward Russia. When Soviet Premier Gorbachev agreed. Rick Sanchez explains how NATO’s subsequent history gives Russia a right feel threatened. Then, former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins to share his insights and expertise.

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