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REYNOSA, Mexico — The mayors of two sister-cities across the Texas-Mexico border agree that the "physical barrier" President Donald Trump desperately wants will only make the situation worse.

To start, Mexico already has all the wall it needs, according to Maki Ortiz, the mayor of Reynosa, one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico, across the Rio Grande from McAllen, Texas.

"It's called jobs, education," Ortiz told VICE News in an interview at her office Thursday. "We don't want any Mexicans to go out of the country. That's why in this city we created twenty thousand jobs. That is our wall."

McAllen, Texas, Mayor Jim Darling also doesn't think the wall is necessary.

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"We’re sister cities number one — friends, relatives. We have ten thousand people every day walk across the bridge. That many in cars come across. We never thought of the border as a challenge, but an advantage."
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Obama gives $186 Billion to a terrorist state, you don't bat an eye, Trump wants $5 billion to secure our country and you hair catches on fire!
The wall is more of a deterrent and all your leftist rhetoric won't change that! A deterrent is better than none! Deport illegals and start over in five years, stop all immigration for five years!
Spend billions on a wall for a group of 2 guys to hammer and cut a hole in within the day. The only people who profit from that are the guys supplying the materials to build the wall and the people building it.
Reina Arana
i personally think the wall isn't gonna do anything
people can get around a damned wall
Reina Arana
i think it's gonna be useless as well
Bible Research Tools
Build the wall!
Red-Blooded America
SHOCKER: Local incumbent politicians downplay the crime in their respective cities.
I'm from Laredo, build the wall already
you guys are going to force Mexicans to evolution into teleporting our asses right across that dam border.
How many little giants do I have to ducktape together to get my abuelita over this wall? can anyone please tell me I need her to cook me tamales for Superbowl Sundi.
Mick B
What if they dropped the whole border thing and did the complete opposite, united as one with the Mexicans. Make America whole again. Without no borders. One Land. ?
Justin Jones
This is A Trump Hater! The truth is that we should close the boarder and let no one in. Everyone is trying to come to this one spot. Not just for a visit but to stay permanently. Thats a big problem
Andre Bowling
Build a wall to cut off wildlife and be tagged up with anti American graffiti and look stupid while smuggling continues in underground tunnels (under said wall) how can someone like Trump not see that?
alex powers
There not staying in border towns dump asses all the crime is coming to the inner big cities why are a bunch of illegal criminals gonna be hanging out in a border town we see the crime first hand in the big cities all the the time from these illegal aliens criminals the drugs just come through the valley to hit the big cities
Jim Daring, your city commerce won't be affected by the wall. You said it yourself, thousands of people cross the bridge daily. We don't want to close the bridge, we want to build a wall or fence along the river so traffikers can stop importing drugs, exporting stolen trucks, exporting guns, exporting money, and illegals.
Augustine Araujo
The wall will not be useless. It will work.
Salvador Amaya
Wtf how is Reynosa equally dangerous to North Korea or Syria lol. The government is really ignorant when it comes to this
ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique
Most of "illegal immigrants" came from planes. Maybe America should build a roof above their stupid country.
Sweet Raw Healing
❗️❗️Do people realize that there is a LOT more going on in the US and worldwide? It's The Cabal and the Deep State thats the actual problem. People need to do some research about Q (QAnon) and the members of the Cabal. Mainstream media is controlled by the "Elite" and they want you to stay asleep. What occurred is that a group that called themselves as Q began posting real-time takedown of the Deep State on anonymous online image boards (8chan). And these take-dows and mass-arrests by The Alliance and white-hat groups will at some point go viral and will be shown internationally. ❗️❗️
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Israeli Settlers in the Occupied West This Mexican Border City 2 days ago   16:41

“Why would an Israeli Jew choose to live in the West Bank?”

That’s the question that motivates writer Wajahat Ali to travel to Israel in a new documentary from The Atlantic. Ali, who has been critical of Israel, embarks on a personal quest to understand the perspectives of some of the 400,000 Israeli Jews who live in the occupied territory in defiance of international law—and to hear from the Palestinians who oppose them.

In his travels through the West Bank, Ali visits the family of a Palestinian terrorist, ventures into the heart of one of the most radical settlements, and speaks to the leader of an NGO focused on creating a dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Read Ali's article in the June 2018 issue of The Atlantic:

Support for this project has been provided by the Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs of the Henry Luce Foundation.

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