Google Photos 2018: The one-stop Google Photos -Should You Be Worried 4 weeks ago   14:47

Google Photos 2018-- the easy way to keep your photos safe, organized and easy to find. Learn how you can use Google Photos to manage your pics and keep your precious memories safe.

In this video:

1:38 Google Photo Overview
4:58 Google Photos Demo

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Comments 599 Comments

Nigel Savage
So I was really impressed with the tutorial and enthused to start. It would appear that face recognition isn't available in the UK, perhaps a warning that not all features are available globally?
question... why when i upload a picture from my desktop OR my cell phone, it seems to simply disappear in google photo-land...? no where to be found!?!? how do i get them back and where do they go?!?
Walter Alvarado
Complete waste of time. Should be called how to search google photos. No info on how to start or set it up or get photos from iphoto to google photo
john pezie
It.s amazing for sure.
Sorry for wrong text. Also Google.
Question was: How is privacy protected ?
john pezie
It,s Amazon, cor zure.
What about privacy protection ?
Beatrice Loren
When I tap on the search bar I do not get pictures of photos. I do have facial recognition turned on on both my pc and phone app. Great tutorial. I just wish I could get it to work.
karim Mohamed
thank you
Francesco Galimi
Does anyone know why, if one activates the google photos folder in google drive, certain users get it nice and organized in subfolders by year-month, while other users only get a big single folder with thousands of photos in it?
I downloaded all my Flickr data today from as far back as 2005. I am migrating to GP for cost and simplicity reasons.
Tchu Fu Loc
Kristof Turi
Might sound crazy but I have 2 additional back up drives, one I keep at a friend's place ;)
Amy Hoeppner
great I have to do something to make sure that all my photos show up on any system I use to access my google photos...such as, I have pics on my phone, my laptop, my desktop each in my google photos...thank you
Tarry Masters
technology still needs a backup, somewhere and some how.
Tarry Masters
I still must go to a technitian to clear up my Android.
Jean Meehan
how long can you leave this run mine has been running for days. should i stop it and start it up again later. not sure where these numbers are coming from.
Tarry Masters
my home compute has a firewall, technitians already announced tht my mobile settings ar only accessoed outside the computers firewall. I am not aa technical guy. My smartphone is opened and photoes are within its. I attempted to connect a mini that only announced tht i must connect though moile settings, a blok. The mini announced I followed the small print and still need to travel to a separated staff to clear up blemishes in operation, Separated mobile settings, the echo google must berhas link on my Android, no this computer.
How can I see how many pictures that I have saved on Google photos where can I find this information?
Rahat Khan
R u the father of Powerbang
Marianne Alken, Broker
the Best?! Ah, Disagree > Albums on Google Photo (GP) aren't on phone GP .. caN't modify file name .. downloaded photos show Download (modified) Date & Time .. just put photos in a new Album & now there are TWO of each photo under Photos .. Help online is Not helpful as I know how to click the "3 dots" the "3 lines" ie I know how to CLICK .. other than backing up my photos, I find NOTHING helpful in photo mgmt. >I do Not believe the comments declaring GP "the best" .. ARGH!
Dude I was dying when the barking music came on 😂
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Google Photos -Should You Be Worried Google Photos 2018: The one-stop 4 weeks ago   05:33

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