Google Photos 2018: The one-stop Google Photos -Should You Be Worried 3 months ago   14:47

Google Photos 2018-- the easy way to keep your photos safe, organized and easy to find. Learn how you can use Google Photos to manage your pics and keep your precious memories safe.

In this video:

1:38 Google Photo Overview
4:58 Google Photos Demo

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Comments 599 Comments

Jonathan Simonson
Is it possible to erase all the people you picked and start over with people Face recognition?
I don't know
Hi this was not really much of a tutorial but more of an advertisement of google photos. On my android when I take a pic it goes to my google photos computer. How do I take the picture off my phone without making it disappear on my computer?
Icatcyningproduction s
how to upload a picture on google there is no relabel video on it please help me
Children's Recreation Club
I am only having two faces show on facial recognization out of over 5000 photos all with people in them. What can I do?
Sadiq Hussain Afridi
Too much Talakitive person.
SWCC Bakersfield CA
Very nice and precise thank you. Keep on keeping on
RM Hutchins
I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!
Don't push Read more
Brian Gray
Hi, can you say the best way to export to Photoshop? Just share by email and retrieve? Thanks, Brian
Alex Dollar
Merry Christmas Santa. I know im late
eternal promise
Jason Arnold
Speed 1.5x. You're welcome.

Also: how ironic that Google creepily interrupts him while he gladly pours his entire life into the system. 😐
How do I (if I can) make it my “default” gallery use, or make it able to connect with my other apps. For example, if I’m editing a video, how do I put a video that’s in Google Photos onto the app? If I can’t it’s perfectly fine.
John Adderson
4:58 for demo.
Lesley McNeill
I have the google photos app on my iPad and iPhone, but cannot view all my photos from my phone on my laptop. I have been able to view photos on my laptop in the past, but I have just come back from a trip to the USA and only a few of the photos are able to be seen. Can anyone tell me what to do to rectify this please?
Rene Triay
While on my PC looking at my photos using the Google Photos application, the screen seemed normal and out of the blue the screen now shows expanded. How it got so enlarged I dont know. I looked everywhere in the settings to have it come back to normal size screen resolution and nothing. I hope you can help
I would like to make a Collage ~ but I want two smaller photos on the left side and 1 larger photo on the right side. Is this possible to create in Google Photos? I sometimes need to rearrange the layouts. Is this possible to do?
Pea Nut
I have 2 questions:

1) Is the Google ARCHIVE unlimited storage? I so wish I could archive a Google Album and the photos would remain in an album! Instead the archive is unorganized!

2) Sometimes after I archive some photos they remain in the Photos section. And if I try to archive them again, they just turn gray. If I try to open a gray box/photo, it just spins and won't open! Do you, or any subscribers know what's going on here? I didn't see anything this specific in "Help". 😟
Pea Nut
You're funny! 😊 If my photos were taken from my phone, they are automatically copied into my Google Photos. From there I have been downloading my Google Albums to my EXTERNAL hard drive that is plugged into my laptop.

If I take photos from my Canon camera, I reverse the process. I move the photos from my camera to my external hard drive and THEN upload them to Google Photos!!

All the folders on my external hard drive are named "ORIGINALS + description". This is so I know that the photos in that folder are also stored Google Photos!

In my albums on Google Photos I lable them "On Hard Drive + description". This way I know I already have the original stored on my external hard drive!

For purposes of backing up my beloved photos, this had been a great process. Where it gets tough for me is doing all the edits BEFORE uploading or downloading! As you know, this is very time consuming! I've been editing them on my phone app called Pixlar or Photo Director... I wish I was proficient in Photoshop!

Thanks for the great video and sharing this valuable information!
Dominic Ciancibelli
We don’t need to see your dogie photos. Booooooring! Get to the point. Thank you. Humor also is a waste of my time.
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Google Photos -Should You Be Worried Google Photos 2018: The one-stop 3 months ago   05:33

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Join Jayce as he talks about the real risks behind Google Photos!

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