The 'duck curve' is solar energy's Why Japan has so many vending machines 4 weeks ago   03:58

Renewables require change in the energy supply chain.

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Electricity is incredibly difficult to store, so grid operators have to generate it at the exact moment it is demanded. In order to do this, they create incredibly accurate models of the total electric loads, that is how much energy will be consumed on a given day. But as utilities started to produce more energy from renewable sources like solar, the models started to shift as well.

California researchers discovered a peculiarity in their state’s electric load curves, that started to look more and more like a duck. And that duck shaped chart highlights the greatest challenge to solar energy growth in the US.

Vox writer David Roberts has been covering the issue for a few years now. You can read some of his past explainers on the duck curve, and its solutions at the links below:

And if you would like to read some of the source material used in the video above, you can check those out here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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SpellBoundGamer // SBG
Nope. Its over midnight. I should be sleaping.. not watching things that will make me question my place in the universe.. WAIT. WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT A DUCKS- and he was never heard from again
Jamir Temjen
Find a solution. This isn't a problem. We need more solar sources
Chris Van Bekkum
By irradiating us with smart meter pulses , the power company is spying on each households electric use. (And heaven knows what other info they gather)
Bull Nkosi
Most grid tied home solar panels installers also include batteries. Excess energy could be stored in these batteries during the day and discharged in the evening. Further, transporting power over vast distances isn't exactly a new idea and energy companies have become pretty good at it due to the need to separate production from population. This same function could be used to transfer excess energy over battery capacity to areas where production is low due to cloud cover.
Enrique Camacho
I work for solar. This is why Duke energy "caps" it out in areas. Example. In South Carolina they cap it out at 40%, so only 40% of people can go solar. All this is done to prevent the overproduction in the grid.
Aki Greus
Simple answer, reduce cost of power during peak hours to incectivise industry to use that time at high energy and rest at maintenance, not talking about power plants, talking about manufacturing in non full hours lines.
David Elmkies
So that's half a story. There exists this problem. But you don't address the solution. Vox's quality is sometimes inconsistent. What about batteries? What about power that CAN be turned on and off at a moments notice? What about connecting together more of the country so that some of the power overages can be shared? Those are the approaches I know about. Really I'd like to hear about the angle I haven't yet seen.
just type /time set 1000 when it gets dark nani
Gazelle Joy
Radiant energy generation. Lightning still strikes at night lol
Ren Dom
How about we just bankrupt the fossil fuel industry and completely switch to renewable
hm nsr
So u said during the night there is no sun?? Therefore solar cant provided electricity to them?? We use battery to save the energy from the pv the main reason why the governor didnt use it because there isnt big battery yet to save all of the energy therefore some country used the turbine
Have you ever heard of batteries?
arnab sarkar
answer: tesla powerwall/batteries
OneDerscore One
niraj mondal
Add grid battery like Tesla battery in australia
Allan Love Jr
Hint. Want to stop this problem. Then stop over charging customers more.
Jordan Geizer
Duck curves are great! They allow shallow, large-scale hydro storage to be profitable investments. By consuming electricity for low-cost or no-cost in the middle of the day and dispatching that electricity in the afternoon peaks. Lowering the afternoon price of electricity for consumers at night whilst also being emission free.
Elijah Hua
Export power and inport
Elijah Hua
But we still need it
atta salih
Hello have you heard about tesla powerpacks 😃
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Why Japan has so many vending machines The 'duck curve' is solar energy's 4 weeks ago   04:47

What vending machines can teach you about this country

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While in Japan I noticed vending machines everywhere. Looking into it a little deeper a discovered that there's a very interesting answer to why Japan has so many vending machines. It's an economic story but it's also a story about how Japanese society values robotics and automation.

I even found a business card vending machine:

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