🇬🇧 Jaguar Land Rover May loses Brexit vote - what 2 days ago   01:56

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Amid uncertainties over Brexit, British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has announced its plan to cut 4,500 jobs.
The company has cited a slump in demand for diesel cars, sales slowdown in China and the developments related to Brexit as the reasons.

Al Jazeera's Neave Barker reports.

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Project Manager Job Interview Questions and Answers
Moving production to Slovakia and employing 3,000 new people. How is brexit going :)
Absame Soran
Look at the state of that country. It looks like one big depressing dump.
As much as i feel sad for those that lose their jobs...in the end its just about profits. Knownone ever talks about the greed of big business that drives these boom and bust cycles.perhaps its better working in small industry where the CEOs are not banking 10s of millions a year? Oh and by the way what about all the redundancy packages? I doubt very much anyone working for jaguar even knows what suffering really means!
Warning Signs
too many cars worldwide just sitting on car lots - over kill -
Inspite of bad trade deal with the EU, make EV vehicles only, petrol will soon be forgotten. Evolve and think about our planet at the same time.
Boyd Gilbreath
Trump said trade wars were easy to win! China is the largest and most powerful country in the world. They must feel sorry for the USA, because they could step right up and take this country from right under the Russians, who seem to be who trump sold us to.
Simon Lee
Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are not reliable but with premium price. UK labour is too expensive, move to East Europe is a good choice. BTW, many JLR manufacture workers are from East Europe.
Starga Stochmol
There is very little left in UK ,that is owned by the British .
John Schaeffer Mike




grey company
tata should close jlr tata share is falling
sajid hossain
Slovakia would be the manufacturing place... I hope they will delivered european quality in cheap rate.
first name
I think Tata the indian owner of the company should make those cars in India , f u British
SohaiL Rehman
*Because People r not making MONEY Cars Gas r v EXPENSIVE Feeling v sad all those PEOPLE'S who will lose jobs😭😢*
After Brexit, Economic Viability will force JLR to move entirely Slovakia & Brazil.
Carl Brown
Make America Great Again!
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May loses Brexit vote - what 🇬🇧 Jaguar Land Rover 2 days ago   1:04:31

This is the moment MPs voted resoundingly against the prime minister's Brexit deal by 432 votes to 202. We analyse what this could mean for Theresa May, the government and for the future of Brexit.

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