Walking to America with the Migrant Femicide, Part 1: Honduras, one of the most 1 day ago   20:48

Thousands of migrants Central America have trekked across Mexico as part of the wave after wave of caravans fleeing persecution, violence, and poverty in their home countries.

Among the group are scores of teenagers traveling alone and dreaming of a life in the United States that could help provide for their loved ones back home—most of them unaware of the threats of arrest and deportation made by President Trump and other U.S. officials.

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VICE News traveled with the caravan through Mexico for more than 2,200 miles from southern state of Chiapas to the border in Tijuana.
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Tina Moran
Fight Pelosi and Dems.  This fight for the wall funding for Home Land Security needs to be done! I support Trump and his administration.
Tina Moran
They have respect the United States sovereignty and go through the port of entry and merit.  The Governments Leaderships have failed their own people and not doing anything about it. I don't feel sorry for the Caravan people it's their choice and Trump has made it clear.
Kimberly Watson
Why they don’t stay and fight in their own land and get support from the UN? Do they even understand their rights?? AMERICA is not a free for all. Sheesh. I don’t want them here especially since so many of these “Latinos” are racist against black. If he is offered a place to stay why turn that down? They seem VERY entitled. This is totally crazy.
Evelina Johannesson
Richard Newborn
This opened my mind up, I though it was rough over here in America.
Grandiose Small Things
Liberal Vice ...always offering a slanted view
MaMa Katt
People leaving their native land wandering the streets following each other not sure exactly where they are going to end up. A lot of these people are really naïve they have no clue that the president of the US would Slaughter them if he could.
Go home
v pal
Isn’t he on Disney channel
anyone here from ms capaletti's class?
Why does their map say "E.U."?
Louis Katipa
watching this just made me realize that most mexicans are very kind
Keith Collard
I would let the migrants in if they denounce soccer. They would not-- effectively ending the crisis and thwarting the rise of the imperialist, decadent and girly sport of soccer.
Keith Collard
I would deport the same number of vegans out of the U.S and let the migrants in, achieving economic and political homeostasis in the country.
Great report, Vice. It would actually be even better if you also display the metric system.
Wasabi Land
Im only 2.5 mins in and its bringing tears to my eyes listening to this 16 yr old KID tell what he wants 4 his family &what he thinks will happen once he gets here. Just wants an education &job to be the hero of his family. 😢
Im glad they stayed in Mexico.
sensible solutions
vice is funded by liberal dems,this is why they dont show the destruction these invaders cause
Carnell Douglas
They running 🏃 to the u.s like its all good and gravy here they must don’t know how fcked up this land is I guess but I wonder why nobody can help them so they don’t have to run shied a question the world may never know 🤷🏾‍♂️🧐 or do they..??
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Femicide, Part 1: Honduras, one of the most Walking to America with the Migrant 1 day ago   10:41

Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado became a tragic symbol of gender-based violence after she was killed, but many Honduran women live in fear of being attacked by men.


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