Elon's Boring Tunnel & Race The Troubling Death of an NBA Hopeful 2 days ago   25:26

This is the December 19, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:17 Wednesday marks 20 years since President Clinton was impeached. VICE News sat down with former special counsel Ken Starr and discussed the Mueller probe (and Starr’s book).

9:24 Elon Musk's Boring Company is opening its first test Tunnel to the press and public on Tuesday. Although there has been a lot of press and fanfare about this debut, it's not clear what this means in terms of actually creating something that will be a part of Los Angeles' transit system. The city government offered a rare exemption from environmental review for this 1.7 mile tunnel, but did not allow that for other planned tunnels on the West Side. We'll visit with an engineer explaining past mass transit efforts in L.A. and ride along in the new tunnel when it opens.

13:09 VICE News sits down with Senator Dick Durbin to talk about the First Step Act which Senate leaders passed last night. Durbin, who originally opposed the bill, says essentially that Democrats should take what they can get. He says this a minor step in addressing criminal justice reform.

16:55 Under the GOP’s tax overhaul, divorce agreements finalized after Jan 1, 2019 will no longer be eligible for a 75-year old tax deduction for alimony payments. But splits inked before the new year will be grandfathered in under the old rules, for the life of their agreements, which is sending some divorce lawyers into a December divorce overdrive.

22:35 Anderson Paak is back to review new music this week.

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Can we get a 3rd
Newman Newmanz
Cayla Strudel
goodshit vice keep it up!
jordinio la
probably the worst thing i've watched all year
thais leekim
Seems literally everyone is angry about criticism of Musk. No one or no idea is sacrosanct. Elon Musk has had quite a few bs ideas in the past that just can't work and has acted like an fool at times along the way.
What sunglasses are Paak wearing?
So much butthurt fanbois in these comments
Was all a cover up/distraction for Clinton giving away shipping ports to his tail-hook friends and COSCO, closing bases, etc. Oh, and the Clinton murder allegations.
Hunter Flugge
I can't stand divorce lawyes. The whole principle of the profession makes me pissed. They thrive off of marriage failing
Ae Norist
Don´t go down there, bunch of Musk Fanboys full of magical thinking.
Seriously, the fact that you are approaching this as a matter of faith disqualifies you from being a worthwhile human.
Steve Gram
There is no reason Musk's idea wouldn't work, just look at what they are doing on the waterfront in Seattle. But it would require a huge investment to pull it off. And ken star can suck a fart out of my ass.
Haha a bunch of butthurt Elon fanboys in the comments.
Leo cancer
Its only boring because he cant show anything real because it's not release yet. Military and government own rights to these things. And you will get crushed revealing these devices, game changers, etc.
Leo cancer
He knows the truth, Hillary Clinton is a terrible person I repeat she is a very evil person to be exact.
Well, I didn't know lighting a toke is erratic. Thanks for the info. No one else can deliver the facts like Vice News can.
we went to the moon and back more than 50 years ago. We can build a godamn tunnel
Liberal Larry
Much needed transport system: economically impossible.

Totally unneeded tax cuts for the rich and major increase in already inflated military budget: economically VITAL!
You have Trump Derangement Syndrome
Vice is going broke people.
Vijay Sharma
Is this the same Vice News I used to watch a year ago?
orgChem420 H
Elon Musk is an Idiot. Just do it like every other city in europe. The US sucks at public transportation.
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The Troubling Death of an NBA Hopeful Elon's Boring Tunnel & Race 2 days ago   21:40

Colorado State graduate and NBA hopeful Wendell Lee Jr. was standing with his girlfriend outside her Los Angeles home when a car pulled up. A man got out of the vehicle, shot Lee multiple times, and drove away. The woman was unharmed and no words were exchanged with the shooter.

Two years later, Wendell’s death remains a mystery, as his family struggles to understand his murder. We speak with Lee’s family and others tied to the case to try and make sense of this seemingly senseless bloodshed.

Presented by Ryot.

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