Why monks had that haircut Cities at Sea: How Aircraft Carriers 2 days ago   05:43

There was a lot of thought behind the style — and controversy.

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What was the deal with that monk haircut? In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explores the history and controversy behind the style.

Known as "tonsure," the typical monk hairstyle has many variations throughout religions. The particular hairstyle worn by Christian monks has its own variations and controversies as well. Three different types of tonsure were popular: a coronal tonsure, a Pauline tonsure, and a third Celtic tonsure that came to represent the differences between the Roman Catholic and Celtic Catholic church.

The winding path of this tonsure is a new way to look at the division within the religion and the unpredictable ways something like hair can represent faith.

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Lily Nguyen
no matter what, all their haircuts are still wack tho
tell those monks its Drip or Drown
1:45 I legit thought someone was calling me on skype
Where did they find this guy? Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell? What's the next story, we talk to a tarot card read who has a theory of what Satan does to cure a hangover?
dindia2 ll
Interesting video, but the music is so annoying.
imagine a haircut so bad it actually got banned
Excellent video, but Franciscans are friars not monks. Monks separate themselves from community while friars live as a part of the community.
I am not convinced that it was a triangle.
Brian Curtin
Didn’t answer the question though, am I wrong? Why did they do it? Was there a significance to it other than the crown of thorns?
Travis Brooks
From sleeping in cloaks
John C John
Video ends at 1:00 for those who just wanted to know the answer to the title and thumbnail.
Courtney Fredericks
Lost tribes in South America have the same haircut
Majd Alyo
Where's the Trump tonsure?
Q: Where do channels such as Vox and School of Life manage to get all of their images from? Such as images of all the old decorated bible pages, etc... Anyone know? Thx
1:28...was it the Mohawk? Yeah it was an Irish Mohawk. The triangle represents the trinity.
Shivam Sharma
Can someone tell me where the music from the intro is from
Sadcore Prince
ronnie magro at 5:25 😂
Conrad Oddoye
Who else got shook by the Skype call sound?
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Cities at Sea: How Aircraft Carriers Why monks had that haircut 2 days ago   11:54

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