Android 101: Google Account GALAXY S8 S8+ FRP BYPASS EASIEST METHOD 3 weeks ago   16:29

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Today we will cover adding a Google Account to your new Android phone. I will also show you how to download apps, add and sync contacts and backup your photos to your Google Account with Google Photos. Sit back, cast ths video to your TV with Chromecast (If you have one) follow along and enjoy the next video of my Android 101 series. Please leave a comment below if you have further questions.

0:39 Add Google Account
3:11 Download Apps
7:13 Update Google Play Services
7:44 Uninstall Apps
7:55 Contact Sync
9:06 Add New Contact
11:06 Add Calendar Event
13:26 Backup Photos on Google Photos (Unlimited Free Backup)
14:32 Adding second Google/Gmail Account

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Annony Mouse
My photos were automatically being saved in Google photos for the last two years but now when I take a pic on my phone the photo is not showing up in Google photos, what's going on?
Diego CJ
video starts at 13:53... yeah I've wasted the other minutes of my life but I can save yours.
Dude stay on topic, stop talking about the app store and stay to backups. Downvote
Antonio Valentine
When I deleted a photo/ photos from my gallery, its also being deleted in my google photos app, I want to stop that from happening, help plz
Amir Ramlal
Once he has his password incorrect it's asks him if he accepts the terms of signing in.
Adriel Andaya
How do i transfer my gallery to this s8
Danny Beaman
Just get on with it!
Sports Betting and Poker
Hey Brett, thanks for the video. I just got the Galaxy S9+, I was wondering if you choose sync all, but then you wanted to delete a photo. Would it delete from your phone and from your google acct? If I don't want to have my Google acct filled with a bunch of pointless photos etc. Thanks again!
Your videos are annoying and boring, even your face annoys tge crap out of me, useless video! Thank you for wasting my time! Punk!
Cristian Istratie
How could I bring back pictures and videos that I deleted months ago??
Anthony Cross
Man I want to sync all contacts at once not go through an do them individually how do I sync them all at once?
Mat Steel
Hey Brett I need your help I know this does not relate to this video but here goes, I got a new car this week Peugeot 3008 don't think its in the US yet I am in Australia and I am using Android Auto with it, should my Galaxy Note 8 charge when its connected with the USB cable to the head unit? as its not charging at all , The car also has a wireless charging dock but I thought with the USB it should charge that way while connected to Android Auto ? hope you can help! Cheers Mat .
hindustani hindustani
Can i retrive deleted call recording from google drive which i had deleted 5 months ago?
Shijit Nair
i backed up some folders from my Gallery to the backup account (not Samsung or Google Cloud). now where do i find those folders ???! they arent in the gallery. please help.
Hi, at 15:11 it shows you can turn on/off SYNC CONTACTS but on my S8 it does not have the ability to turn on/off anything. You can only touch the calendar, contacts, etc. and it starts syncing. Did this change since this video?
Leroy Jackson
how do you backup apps and the info with the app in case you want to rest the phone... if its possible
Ayoub Lachgar
Ethical work, deserved my sub.
Brandon Evartt
How do I turn off auto sync for gmail on the s8+? Looked everywhere and there is no help anywhere!!! I just wanna stop getting emails until I sync them
Lisa Davidson
I don't have the option to add a new contact to my google account on new Samsung 8+. It just adds contact to phone. I also don't have the option to move a contact to my google account. Any ideas?
mojo jojo
Maybe you can help me. I went from a S6 to an S8. On the S6 I had app games that I have been playing for months and I'm trying to get those games back on my S8 and play those games under the original accounts that Ive created for them.
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GALAXY S8 S8+ FRP BYPASS EASIEST METHOD Android 101: Google Account 3 weeks ago   12:39


*****Make sure that you press "allow this computer" on your phone once you connect it to your computer***

***If you don't see the "UPDATE" opcion for the keyboard, turn the phone off and go to recovery mode (vol up + bixbi button + power button)
And select "wipe data/factory reset" after that select "wipe cahe partition" and reboot system, now you will see the update option, just continue as explained in the video***


USA PHONES: ##366633#




adb shell content insert --uri


adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1


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