The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan 2 days ago   17:39

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In January, European Union restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria were lifted, meaning citizens of those countries were free to travel and work throughout the EU. This inspired anger in wealthier countries like the UK, where people anticipated a flood of migrants looking to take advantage of relatively generous welfare systems. This anger was directed most fiercely at the Roma.

Europe's largest ethnic minority — also known as gypsies — has long endured bigotry and abuse. This year, they've been a boon to rightwing politicians who've used them to garner support for anti-immigration policies and achieve significant electoral victories.

VICE News examines the so-called "Roma influx" by visiting a Roma community in northern England, then traveling to Romania to meet a group of Roma who have just been evicted from their homes and don't have the money to leave the country to seek out better lives.

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M. Lorenz -ミケル - My unfinished songs
1:22 what happen to the tip of Denmark?
John t
They look like a bunch of uncivilized animals...
Akansha Yadav
These bloody muslim are a big shame on this earth,pray for Roma people
Akansha Yadav
Roma are ancestors of indo-aryan Hindu people from Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab from india
LikeUnto Buddha
Yeah......I do not feel bad for them at all.
Mark Howard
low iq blacks and mostly all minorities are jealous of high IQ with european and will eventually go back living like scum in Africa , women are traitors for the winners john mark sight on you tube is awesome
nenin pictures
for once , blacks immigrants are not concerned. it is racists whites against their whites brothers.
Hello hello hello !!!!
UK needs a Trump!!!
Mr X
They are scum obviously hitler didn't kill enough of them lmfao
hugh mcmenamin
Never met a Roma I liked. Bunch of thieves and criminals sucking off any state that will provide benefits. We call then knackers in Ireland.
sports craze
these roma look like pakistanis...hhaaah
Michael .Green
She said he 11 year old daughter has hepatitis?
A disease that, whilst it can be spread through sharing needles and razor blades, it mainly spread through unprotected sex.
I am from the uk, used to diversity and not racist at all, but I don't want 11 year olds with hepatitis around the young children in my family thanks :)
I was told India was invaded from the north by some tribes, this contradicts it, look like it was the other way around, they invaded Central Asia and even went to Europe.
They seriously need to stop stealing so we can be friends
"we know the majority of us steal and commit crime, but there are a portion who dont so please help us" yeah, no.
Manu o
12:16 lol , care are pula mai mare
Syed Shah
Nigel was right
Infrared Red
@11:51 look at the girl's eyes and face. She has been beaten. Most likely by her father.
Infrared Red
How many people per family? 15 with kids.....
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Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: 2 days ago   17:48

Japan’s obsession with cutesy culture has taken a dark turn, with schoolgirls now offering themselves for “walking dates” with adult men. Last year the US State Department, in its annual report on human trafficking, flagged so-called joshi-kosei osanpo dates (that’s Japanese for “high school walking”) as fronts for commercial sex run by sophisticated criminal networks.

In our exclusive investigation, VICE News host Simon Ostrovsky will bring you to one of Tokyo’s busiest neighborhoods, where girls solicit clients in their school uniforms, to a concert performed by a band of schoolgirls attended by adult men, and into a café, where teenage girls are available to hire by the hour. But the true revelations come behind closed doors, when schoolgirls involved in the rent-a-date industry reveal how they’ve been coerced into prostitution.

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