LOL Surprise Goes to McDonalds for Happy LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets AND LOL Surprise 2 days ago   09:03

This LOL Surprise doll is going to McDonalds with her Shopkins friends while driving in her Cutie Car. But does she know that she can find even more Cutie Cars as the Happy Meal toys? Yes let's check out the full set of all 12 cars each with a mini Shopkins driver. yay Enjoy the video cookie fans !

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You rock cookie fans! I'll see you in my next video!

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LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets AND LOL Surprise LOL Surprise Goes to McDonalds for Happy 2 days ago   10:05

In todays video we will be letting google decide which LOL Surprise dolls we will be opening. Will we be opening lol surprise lils or will we be unboxing lol surprise fuzzy pets and hair goals? The brand new lol surprise fuzzy pets are super fuzzy and the lol surprise lils are part of the makeover series and hair goals or lol surprise #hairgoals series. The lol surprise hair goals are part of series 4 wave 3 or they are lol surprise series 5 dolls. The makeover series includes lol surprise hair goals, LOL surprise Fuzzy Pets and LOL surprise lils that can be lil sisters and lil brothers. The lol surprise lil brothers in the makeover series are really cute. Which ones do you like better? The lol surprise fuzzy pets or the lol surprise lils series 5?

We will also be unboxing the new lol surprise #hairgoals or hair goals and the LOL surprise lil sisters and lils in series 5.

Other fun tags
LOL surprise series 5
LOL surprise series 4 wave 3
LOL Surprise #hairgoals
lol surprise hair goals
lol surprise fuzzy pets
lol surprise lils
lol surprise lil brothers
lol surprise makeover series
new lol surprise dolls

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