Air Traffic Controllers Swarm The Capitol 10 Insane Tactics Used By The Secret 2 days ago   03:52

Martin Ramirez, an air traffic controller out of Los Angeles, received an electronic pay stub Thursday morning. Everything on the stub looked normal, like his hourly rate and his employee ID number. But his payment for the two-week period ending Jan. 5 read $0.00.

The empty pay stub happened to hundreds of thousands of federal workers this week because of the extended government shutdown, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution to the problem. The shutdown started Dec. 22, and it will be the longest ever in U.S. history if it goes past Friday.

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The shutdown started Dec. 22, and it will be the longest ever in U.S. history if it goes past Friday.
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Lance Goodthrust
Did I see a 'rainbow" flag in a government building?? You know what, lets keep this shutdown going. In fact I'm for a second revolution in this country. It will be easy too. The faggy Democrats are only armed with annoying speeches. Last I checked, those don't stop bullets lol.
Riri Pari
I feel for the air traffic controllers. Apparently its a very stressful job. Now on top of that stress they have to deal with money issues. How they are gonna cover bills and put food on the table for family.
laura leigh
LOL remember PATCO. RIFs are coming :) Once a gov shutdown hits 30 days we can pink slip gov employees and trim the fat off a bloated government pig. Bye Bye
Chad Tire
According to Trump, people will make “adjustments”
Did he ever had to make “adjustments”?????????????????????
He is a pathetic orange fool who is destroying our country piece by piece
Thousands of Americans jobs are at risk in both federal government and industry due to his “winning” trade war
Like Nancy said, Trump might think everyone can ask their dad for a (small million dollar) loan to get through the shutdown.
Inderjyot Bharath
Juan Mateo
lol, they have the lamest chants..
Not too long ago, I saw a story about Jimmy Carter, seems he's been devoting his retirement to building houses for the homeless. I have an idea- get all of Trump's fired staffers, crooked Republican cronies, his kids and in- laws and step- kids, wife, ex- wives, and The Man Himself together, and turn the whole ugly crew over to Carter. Jimmy can teach them the rudiments of wall- building, and then bring them all to the Texas- Mexican border, dump them off there, along with a few tons of building material, and let them build their fucking wall. And film it as a reality television series.
Christopher Ibarra
3:05 The black lady on the right thought it was pretty good simile.
Rick Sanchez
This is what y’all wanted
Hulito Nuras
The Shutdown should stay until the Democrats change their minds BACK to when they wanted the wall. 2 Years is fine with me. The 2020 elections favors Republicans in the states contested. Lets keep the ball moving forward!!!
Why is this Trumps fault??
Jonathan Gonzalez
I’m Pretty sure none of this happened behind closed doors Pryor to 9/11; o well
Ask the Democrats took the private plane and is currently on vocation vice
poor boy
Not saying they don't deserve it but they live 10x better than most Americans. Private school? Second homes? Some savings? Lol
The beatings will continue until America is smart enough not to vote 50/50 for and against the batshit crazy.
Steven C
This happens all too frequently now. You think federal employees would have tried to be prepared for these shut downs since it has become a yearly political game now.
Yancarlo Reinoso
He may be the president, but he's not god
Robert Manzella
trump the worst president ever he lets putin russia to control some of his suppoters think he god, i know trumps history all he gives a dam is money, and russia and fires everyone one by one
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10 Insane Tactics Used By The Secret Air Traffic Controllers Swarm The Capitol 2 days ago   10:08

The secret service will do everything in their power and spare no expense in order to protect the President and his family. We take a look at some of the craziest measures taken in order to do this.

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