Trump’s Tent City For Migrant The Satanic Temple's Protest for First 1 day ago   04:47

For the past seven months, the federal government has operated a massive "tent city" on the edge of Tornillo, Texas, to house unaccompanied minors who made unauthorized crossings into the U.S.

Officially, it’s a youth shelter. Unofficially, it’s a prison for kids. But whatever you call the facility, its operations have been highly secretive. The federal government has released so little information about what goes on inside Tornillo that the best insight into the camp is a guy who's been standing watching outside its gates.

Josh Rubin is that guy. The 66-year-old New Yorker moved to Texas to protest and publicize what was happening at Tornillo. After spending three months there, he's finally going home because the camp is starting to shut down. VICE News learned that Tornillo was housing just 850 children as of Tuesday, down from over 2,800 at its height last month.

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The federal government has released so little information about what goes on inside Tornillo that the best insight into the camp is a guy who's been standing watching outside its gates.
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Scot Fretwell
end illegal immigration.
Marcus Selassie
Nazis all over again
x x
New age internment camps… huh who knew… Po -Mo internment… classy and Chic!
Pura Vida dew
If only we could wake up tomorrow to find Donald Trump was dead.
Mc Cc
Prison guards are XUNTS of a whole different level. I will NEVER take UBER as of this moment. I'm buying a car tomorrow. No way am I taking a chance of getting in a car with pigs that sodomize, hit, kill, spit on, and generally terrify innocent human beings. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE OF BEING MURDERED BY A PRISON GUARD OFF HER/HIS MEDS WHILE DRIVING FOR U B E R NO WAY!
That guy is awesome. We need more of him
Still safer than mexico
Turok: Wifes Dinosaur Hunter
Josh (((Rubin)))

Every. Single. Time.
Jonathan Allen
Why would you send children on such a dangerous journey?
What kind of parent wouldn't at least wait until they were teenagers ....that to me is worse than anything how careless they are buy yet they all want to talk about human dignity
Master Roshi
Hopefully they are at least learning to speak English while they are there
your mom
Well, let’s shut it down.... bus them all to LA, San Francisco, Austin, etc and house these kids in the wealthy liberal neighborhoods.

Let’s set up tents in Pelosi’s backyard
Yancarlo Reinoso
Glad the majority of my family got the 'wet foot, dry foot' policy in Florida. I'm a natural-born citizen thanks to my mother coming to this country in the 1960s
Lovégo Libertas
Pharmacies test their new drugs on these kids. Horrible, but nothing new.
Rest of the world should put walls around United States, or better a huge dome, and pretend it never happened.
Tomm Swiift
better than be homesless or live in a shit city
they finally found Trump's concentration camps
Amanda Mendez
Employees are treated bad, not the immigrants
I’m not a big trump fan, but where is the outrage against the parents that let these kids cross the dangerous border on their own.
A tent city so secretive a guy can sit right outside it with a chair and watch it 24/7 with no one bothering to stop him
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The Satanic Temple's Protest for First Trump’s Tent City For Migrant 1 day ago   13:34

VICE’s Charlet Duboc travels to Little Rock Arkansas to meet with Lucien Greaves and the members of the Satanic Temple to find out why they’re trying to install a statue of Baphomet in protest of religious freedom on the Capitol’s lawn.

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