⚡ Ukraine forbids foreigners Crimea Крым!! Масштабная реконструкция набережной!! 1 day ago   09:53

Graham Phillips
Article here about foreigners banned by Ukraine from entering Crimea - https://lenta.ru/news/2018/11/29/crmea/

Make sure you're with me, subbed up, thanks for watching!

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Дмитрий Захаров
Thank You for this great Reportage !!
Infidel Atheist
Carry on up the Crimea. New Carry on Movie.
Сергей Князев - СССР
Уважаю думающих людей! Гриша, ты лучший!
cat camel
Google map
cat camel
Just close the radio
Дядя Гриша... в Артек приедешь?)
Graham, my Russian Blue kitten was intrigued with your report. It was the first time "Nicholas" watched a complete video without attacking the monitor. Thank you for keeping us informed.
Вован Могучий
Грэм МОЛОДЕЦ !!! Успехов тебе и так держать !!!
Andrew Pease
How about telling us what's really going on.This is about oil and gas. The proper media like the BBC can't be bothered doing any proper research, but you must be well aware of the Russians rightly or wrongly grabbing Ukrainian drilling rigs and territorial waters.
What is this load of nonsense? This guy is confused about things. LOL.
Nikolay Kozlov
hey greme please show more otside not your face please, hi from Canada's
The Eagle
Stupid Ukrainians 😂😂😂
In other news, Norway bans foreigners from entering Romania.
The Ukraine doesn't have either the power, authority or jurisdiction to forbid any foreigners from entering Crimea.

Just go via Russia NP.
Johnny Clean
Psuedo war with Russia.

Shadow boxing. 😂😏
Your words reminded me of Carl Sandburg's famous phrase: "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" :D
lowe booty
just a question Graham Philips how you are not scared ..................
Georgios Ivankof
Ukrainian idiots.
Вадим Гриценко
Грзм, будет время покажи памятник Екатерины.
Yes, exactly. Ukraine is at war with itself and refuses to see and or acknowledge that.
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Крым!! Масштабная реконструкция набережной!! ⚡ Ukraine forbids foreigners Crimea 1 day ago   04:00

Всем большой привет!! Кэп Крым - https://w-vidz.com/profile/KSvLx6od8ODmDYGGo6dGS7Ym - и большое спасибо ему!

Инфо тут - https://synapsenet.ru/zakupki/fz44/0175200000417000545%231--krim-resp-vipolnenie-stroitelnomontazhnih-rabot-na-obekte-rekonstrukciya-naberezhnoj-im-tereshkovoj-s-prilegayuschim-skverom-im-karaeva-s-beregoukrepitelnimi-rabotami-respublika-krim-g-evpatoriya-evpatoriya

Музык - https://w-vidz.com/videow/EDCG2AZayYe

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