Philthy Rich - Bentley Truck Philthy Rich - Cabos (Official 1 day ago   02:08

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Music video by Philthy Rich performing Bentley Truck (Official Video). 2019 SCMMLLC / EMPIRE

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This video made me buy a Bentley Truck in GTA 5💯💯💯
Dutchen Don Dilla Duchun Lafre
Arrogant savy swag. Really real
George Williams
That's rns shouting 80s free the real goat
Ape City650
Ju Man
Hmmm now whos writing ur music 🤔🤔
Lil Jay Stays Flossin'
this moneybagg yo daddy
Ken Collins
He just shited on all the haters😂😂😂😂 who doing what this nigga doing ??? East Oakland..
Ryu Roush
He living what he talking! Ali
Charlesetta Paxton
Big dog Bentley truck 🔥🔥🔥🌡🌡
Qe Early
Free 80s 🎱
Ro Mario
Rasteen Jackson
That Messy diss is hard!!
Rayski Rios
Dietrich Williams
this that motivation music!, ta keep at it, and keep getting my scrill up!!!
JP Landscaping
If you don't drive a 2008 and up Foreign whip u cant slap this shit, FYI baby e classes and 5 series beamers dont count & jags dont count either they made by ford. S class benz and 7 series beamers 2008 and newer oh ya and you gotta have over 1000 bucks cash in ur pocket and tires can't be bald or it wont count
Philthy keep blessing us with that good listening man. I got luv and respect for you brother!
Malcolm Motorworks
Nigga said them ain't no 50 pointers!😂😂😂 fake chain
Master Ree
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Philthy Rich - Cabos (Official Philthy Rich - Bentley Truck 1 day ago   03:43

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Music video by Philthy Rich performing Cabos (Official Video). 2018 SCMMLLC / EMPIRE / Label

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