Fox News keeps breaking its own rules How the euro caused the Greek crisis 1 day ago   08:03

Sean Hannity appeared on stage at a Trump rally before the midterm elections. It's the latest example of Fox News’ transformation from right-wing news network into full-on Republican campaign operation.

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Fox News constantly accuses other news organizations of having a liberal bias, claiming networks like CNN and MSNBC are in bed with the Democratic Party. But over the past few years, major Fox personalities ike Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro have become more open about their support for the Republican Party -- appearing at GOP campaign events, speaking at Republican fundraisers, and even explicitly endorsing Republican candidates on air. Republican candidates have noticed, and have begun using friendly coverage on Fox as part of their campaign strategies.

Fox News is transforming from a right-wing news network into a full-on Republican campaign operation. Pretty soon, people like Sean Hannity won’t have to leave their studio sets to be on the campaign trail.

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Bradley Batch
As a conservative, I hate Fox and this might be the first Vox video I have ever liked
Never watched that garbage to begin with (☞゚∀゚)☞
Isaac Cannon
Y’all did the same thing with Obama
Stoney Curtis
Lets not forget, Peat H and Sean H are not actually 'journalist', they just pretend to be.
Anonymous Anonymous
Vox is also fake news.
Aniruddh Solanki
In india there are 80 % news channels which run current govt. propaganda.
Aniruddh Solanki
So fox is of US
From india
Josh Derak
Reminds me of the satirical news that went on in Robocop and Starship Troopers.
I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye
Fox News and CNN are basically the same
Mike Madden
Who wouldnt like watching fox news cuz why wouldn't you love the network that plays family guy the simpsons and has a guy say bye bye have a beutiful time...
So where's your big expose' on some liberal networks?
Dalton Hirshorn
None of the Fox News hosts mentioned are journalists. Sean Hannity has explicitly said that he’s not a journalist.
Apurba Khan
Fox news is the fakest
the comment section on fox news videos are disgusting there is no bias because fox has no bias it is propaganda
I wish I had cool jobs like you guys
Udah Vektorin Aja
Indonesian also have a "Fox News", the name is TV One :v
Tru Dinh
well, they don't even bother to brand themselves as fair and balance anymore.
Mohit Jangra
So he is basically an American version of Arnab Goswami from India
Frank Coronado
I swear Goebells here has no self-awareness. This Vox guy is a propagandist. How many liberal journalists had and have inappropriate relationship with Democrats. He is attacking Hannity for being honest about it.
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How the euro caused the Greek crisis Fox News keeps breaking its own rules 1 day ago   02:55

Greece is in a state of economic and financial crisis that's dominated global headlines this week. Vox's Matt Yglesias explains the real roots of the crisis. For our more on the Greek crisis:

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