How to Backup and Restore Data on Samsung Why you should buy the Galaxy S8 right now. 2 days ago   03:42

In this video tutorial I'll show you how to backup your data (contacts, calls, messages, apps etc) on Samsung account on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and NOTE 8. I hope to be useful for you.
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For filming I use an old Sony HDR CX220 camera. You can buy the new version from Amazon: (affiliate)
For camera support I use Hama Traveller Flex Pro Camera Support. You can buy it from Amazon: (affiliate)
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how do i go to my LAST backup but not the recent one?
anmol kaur
قاري فرخ مهتاب
So basically theres something called backup and restore what does it do? does it save all of your apps and the files that you back up? When you do the factory data reset?
Henrry valverde
Grear just what i need tomorrow i will get a new phone

Wait this is only for Samsung phones, right?
Elizabeth xox
Didn't work for me :( i accidently deleted a hard working video and dont know how to restore it.. can someone help me?
Thanks bro
Can i do backup and then factory reset and then restore files?
Mody Moawed
factory reset mean videos and image deleted ??
Some Dude
my phone doesnt have the backup option
*_Myquel Grant Acaylar Hernando_*
And also I backup & restore using Samsung Smart Switch Mobile when I install the custom rom on my j7 prime😀👍🏻
Sourav Bansal
If back up is not made than how we get our data back..plz help me if u know
Lil Sterine
Is there a way to see the Backup online or download it to pc? Because i lost my Samsung Galaxy Phone and now i have Iphone and i want my pictures back.
Ammar Nomani
I have an S7 Edge. Does this save Wifi passwords also?
Sids Tahir
sir my mob is restored...I want to get back my pics ...plz help.
how about pictures?
Hi, I have the same problem on Galaxy J3 2016, Android 5.1.1. I don't see (in "Backup and restore") the "Restore" option.
Why? P.S. I know this tutorial is for phones from S8, S8+ and Note 8 upper (and updated phones to Nougat I think, like S6). Can you help me? I'm good in ICT at the 60% I think.
P.S. I can't speak fine English, I'm from Italy
GaZZabb LonDe
How to creat in Samsung account?
Ethan Bridges
Great tutorial thanks man. I’m thinking of getting a galaxy s8 and it’s good to know how to backup data if anything goes wrong such as it lagging after a couple months.
Daniel Malmstone
How do you get the galaxy s8+ to show the message saying its connected to the internet ???
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Why you should buy the Galaxy S8 right now. How to Backup and Restore Data on Samsung 2 days ago   05:30

Forget the Galaxy S9, right now is an amazing time to get the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus! In terms of Battery, Camera, and Speed, there may not be a better option. The S8 and S8+ have Android Oreo, 4K video recording and an Amazing Display.

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