Renewable Energy on a Boat How to save $25,000 in the boat yard. 2 days ago   07:31

Sailing La Vagabonde
Ever thought about renewable energy on a boat? We hope you are following along with our "Sailing Basics Guide"
In this video we do a quick "energy budget" and discuss lithium batteries, solar power, hydro generators and what we have learned about minimising our day to day output. This leads onto what this has taught us about trying to consume less in general having lived on the ocean for the last 5 years.
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i have my fridge and freezer on a timer that turns off every 15 mins and turns 5 mins later saves a lot of energy. Brian from Adelaide
Shawn Veenstra
Amazing video ! I love the eco friendliness of the channel. Inspires me to be better
Jane Weeks
Curious what those additions would get you? Especially for dedicated guests that use/expect more...cappuccino anyone?
Jane Weeks
LOVE THIS! what about adding wind power or micro-hydro could the be handy on a crossing?
Greg Shepherd
Nice. I live in a small off grid cottage in New Zealand. Being energy aware becomes a way of life.
Chris Gisclair
Add a wind generator it really works good
Mike Ferguson
Time to upgrade to some decent solar panels guys. I have 2 x 345w sunpower panels and on an average day get 3.5Kwhours of energy from them. On good days it can reach 4Kwhours. I run them into a Vicron blue solar 100/50 MPPT controller and get close to 50 amps per hour at times which is it's limit
What about a windmill? It could cover the other two sources on a windy night while you’re anchored
Michael Harrison
In 30+ years they replaced their lead acid batteries 4 times
Gil Grimes
I am curious if you guys have thought about a wind generator for vagabond
"don't need a air conditioner on board" ----- has baby ----- "We're getting an air conditioner, anything to stop the crying"
Jon Aleshire
This video makes you ROCK STARS among Rock Stars. Gives a viewer understanding that brings Confidence and Awareness to light. Beautiful. Additional videos on how to care for sails and how to store sails. All about sales and books on terminology and technique. Shopping for food in preparation for an Ocean crossing vs sailing and shopping for food throughout the Caribbean. Travel routes and best places to buy food and fuel and other necessities. Realizing of course, it is generally all about people and that the GooD People come and go.

Love you guys. Been watching for about a year now.
craig me
Dont you have a wind thing? I thought we didn't need aircond - until we had kids...
Espen Erlien
Nice way to show it
Trebor Seveer
Very informative. Answered many of my questions
David Kibler
Is there a particular reason you don't augment with a small wind generator?
Angie Roybal
❤️ I love you guys
Michael J Barbe
Volts X Amps = Watts. Better to go by "watts", as the total energy you're actually using depends on the voltage of the system. 1 amp on a boat at 12V = 12 watts. 1 amp in an Aussie home at 230V is 230 watts. Wattever!
SV Impavidus (Ant & Cid Sailing)
Hi peeps. We did the math before we upgraded our solar. Lithium would be ideal but at the moment our lead acid is only 3 years old and performing well. We did a simple video, just look for; "Solar Panels Maintenance Special Part 2 OTB 02" or click our logo; we would include a link but it would probably get blocked :-) As you said, most important know your consumption! Add the cloudy day and at sail factors. Then divide it by 50% to be sure, to be sure. We are currently totally self sufficient even in winter sun in the Med. But, have the security of shore power if we need it. However, that energy has to be produced in a less renewable way, so avoid it. Remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed! So using the power of the sun, the wind and movement through water reduces your drain on the planets limited resources. So use your on board solar power even in the marina! Alone, you cannot move a mountain, but if we all take the trouble to move a stone the mountain will move!!!! Sail safe. Ant & Cid xx
How Not to Sail a Boat
We are new cruisers and sailing vloggers and need to do our energy budget. We are just too busy at the moment learning all there is too learn and sailing and more. But we never seem short on energy, so the incentive hasn't been there yet!
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How to save $25,000 in the boat yard. Renewable Energy on a Boat 2 days ago   30:47

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